211K – K.O.’ed

Down for the count


R.I.P. 211K receiver

Remember that satellite receiver we were talking about yesterday? …well, I tore apart the contents of the cabinet, put them all back in and guess what… The satellite receiver is dead. I mean dead as a doornail.

When I opened up the cabinet to remove all the components that receiver was really hot to the touch and it had not been powered on for 5 days.  I thought that was strange (in a bad, bad, bad way) ((thinking, “I’m glad nothing started on fire”))  and didn’t think to try powering it on — after all I was taking all that stuff out of the cabinet, not putting it in.

211ZI talked with the DISH people and there is no consumer access fuse or reset button and they were the ones that said the receiver would need replacing.  So, I guess it’s time to bite the bullet and update the receiver.  We aren’t able to receive a satellite signal at this site so there’s no rush — we’ll pick one up in Madison at Camping World on our way to Milwaukee on the 3rd of September and install it in Milwaukee when we get to the State Fair RV Park.

You know, I don’t really want to be spending $100.00 to replace a receiver but the fact that this thing has run hot for so long and knowing that the new model has a reputation for running cooler I’m almost glad that it happened at a time that when the inconvenience isn’t all that noticeable. (we have plenty of air-tv channels here)

RF modulator

a simple RF modulator to convert the output to something my coach wiring will be happy with.

Of course nothing is just that simple.  The new receiver has not COAX outputs to old style TV’s, and the wiring to our rear TV is … you guessed it, COAX.  So I’ll have to get an RF adapter to port the signal to our control box to get the signal to the bedroom.  No HD signal using that contraption but we don’t watch that much TV in the bedroom anyway.  Usually we set the TV for 90 minutes of sleep time each evening as we wind down for the evening.

So, the re-wiring project is all ‘strung out’ until we get the new component…. sigh.

A Little More About Our Site

The feature photo today is our campsite here at Interstate Park and we’re really enjoying our time here.  Not touring around, at least not yet.  The coming week might see some change on that account — we have pretty decent weather in the forecast.  But we’re happy as clams here.  It’s funny the way some places just seem to ‘fit’ more than others.2015082210214005  There are two separate camp ‘loops’ in this park.  but the North Loop is the only one with 1.) electric and 2.) long enough sites for serious RV’s.  You might be able to get a Roadtrek or a Pleasure Way into the South Loop and maybe a small Class C, but certainly not a Class A.

One might think that with minimal tree cover we’d be able to pick up a satellite feed — what you can’t see is that there’s a good sized hill to our South (off to the right side of the image and beyond).  We happen to be on a curve — so backing into this site is actually quite easy.  This campground really was designed in the days of tent camping so there are large lawn areas in the center of the primary loop and the sites on the outside of the loop back up against the hill on three sides and back onto the edge of the bluff  on the remaining side.  We really can’t see the St Croix River from our site — only by standing at the edge of the bluff can you see down into the ravine carved by the river.

We forgot how much traffic noise we get here.  The US-8 bridge across the St Croix River actually passes through the park about 200 feet South of the campground, and the highway at that point is on a 8% grade.  So you get the sound of Jake Brakes from the downhill trucks or you get trucks downshifting on the uphill side of the highway.  It’s not terribly annoying — but it’s not pristine quietude either.

There you have another day in the life and loves of Peter & Peggy.  Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.


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