Daily Life

Into every RV’ers life some … laundry (and other daily chores) must fall. We put them off while in Willow River.  But we can’t put them off forever and so that was our agenda for Thursday.  After the rain on Tuesday & Wednesday the ground is a little soggy.

St Croix has a decent little Laundromat.  The attendant is helpful and friendly; she’ll talk your leg off if you give her a chance. Our usual two hours and we were in and out and on our way.

village pizzaria village pizzaria pizzaWe have not had a pizza in a month and a half and finishing up our laundry near noon it was a good excuse to break our dry spell.  Dresser is about 3 miles south of the park entrance and the best resto in town is listed as the Village Pizzeria  — who’s strength is as much pasta and sammiches as it is pizza.  We had lovely lunch with lots of fresh Wisconsin cheese — they make a point of mentioning they only use WISCONSIN cheese on their pizzas!  For a small town it was a decent pie. Perhaps not in the same category as the Great River Roadhouse, or some of our Milwaukee choices but not bad at all!

From what we’ve been able to tell in our 3 1/2 years of full timing most of the Wisconsin State Parks do not over-abound in sites suitable for 32-40 foot Class A RV’s.  There are a few at this park, but the park roads are a challenge, narrow, twisty, and closely bound by trees on both sides.  I didn’t notice this as much two years ago but this year it also seems that the park has not been paying much attention to clearing the overheads of low branches.  I’m not sure I’d be in a big hurry to return just because of the overhead issues.  This is a love lovely park but I don’t need to be damaging things on the roof just for the privilege of camping here.


The view from our lounge window

I watched a medium length 5th wheel trying to back into it’s site yesterday.  He was having quite the time getting into the same site we had 2 years ago in our 32 footer.  He literally did between 15 and 20 “pull-ups” in order to get into that site and I really felt for him.  I realize that many campers don’t take their units out very often — and so I have the utmost sympathy with un-practiced backers — but watching him struggle reminded me once again why we opted for a Class A coach instead of a 5’er.  The each have their advantages and disadvantages but to this full-timer it sure seems like there’s a lot more work pulling into a new site and then leaving the old site.  It seems that in every campground I see another reminder of why we went the way we did with our purchase decision.


I’ve been wondering about the experience other RV’ers have with their DISH satellite receivers.  We have the slightly outdated 211K version.  The currently shipping version is 211Z (a lot of letters have been skipped in their model identifications).   The 211K gets very hot during operation. Not just ours — but there seem to be a lot of customer reports of HOT operation with the ‘K’ models.  Like most RV’ers our receiver is tucked away in a front cabinet over the driver’s seat.  There’s a louvered back to the cabinet, and we keep the cabinet door open all the time when receiver is in use.

4inch personal fanThat was all we did for 2 1/2 years.  I had been unhappy about the heat levels in the Journey but when we bought Serendipity I decided that having some ventilation up there was a good idea.  — don’t want the RV burning to the ground because the receiver overheated!

I found a 4” 120v personal fan that fit the cabinet and gave quiet, adequate air flow.   I’ve been quite happy with it.  So much so that I bought two more — one to use near my wireless servers which are tucked away in a corner not getting much air, and one for the shelf alongside my bed, just upping the airflow on those nights when the ambient temps are above 65 degrees.  That seems to be my comfort point.  above that I tend to perspire in my sleep, below that I’m fine. An RV bedroom by it’s very nature is a small space and body heat alone is enough to hold or raise the room temp without any additional heat at all as long as the outside temps are 50º or more.  I never think much about heating the coach until the temps are below 50º.

Well, enough blithering on about fans and such.  Maybe before we leave here I’ll get around to moving things around in those overhead cabinets and be able to forget about the situation for a while. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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  1. We don’t use ours that much, of course, but we keep it sitting out on the dash of the RV when we use it. I’ve never noticed it getting hot, but as we use it more, I will watch out for that.


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