I finally did it!

A wonderful sunny day without too much heat — what more could I ask for — and how could I possibly put off any longer that project to completely empty the basement and reorganize the whole thing!

Projects that have me groveling around on the ground / floor are something I have long dreaded.  My legs have always been my weak link.  When we first married I had a job that kept me on them all day long and even 47 years ago I’d come home and Peg would end up rubbing my legs to make the pain go away.  Now…. just a ‘few’ years later the only thing that has changed is how quickly I end up in pain.

But I was not to be dissuaded!  And when I was done I had emptied out two large storage tubs and 5 small ones.  They are all (for the moment) waiting to return with us to Milwaukee where we will leave them behind with the other stuff stored at Kathryn’s place.  Then I’ll be able to move some things from inside the coach down to the basement where they are better suited to ride. Seeing as the unused tubs are still down there it doesn’t look much different than I had looked.  I’ll take pictures of the newly redeemed space when we make the transfers in another couple weeks.

I’m feelin’ good about the basement and in a few days I’ll be able to feel my legs again. (just kidding, well maybe mostly kidding)

Sad Tales


Sadly, I wanted to report this accident.  Ya know, I enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage from time to time.  We are pretty much a one-glass-of-wine-with-our-evening-meal sort of family.  Occasionally during the summer we’ll buy a 12 pack of beer (I didn’t realize that beer is often cheaper than soda pop) and for some reason that 12 pack will last us three days and then we may not have another for several months. So, I can’t call us ‘heavy drinkers’.  Still and all it’s sad when an RV’er ends up being the worst possible example of what RV’ing is all about:

INDEPENDENCE, Minn. – One man is clinging to life in the hospital while two others walked away uninjured in what police are calling a “horrific and horrible crash” that was completely preventable on Highway 12.

The West Hennepin Public Safety Department responded to the crash around 3:21 p.m. on Thursday at Highway 12 and County Road 92 South,

Upon arrival, authorities learned a full-size motorhome was pulling an enclosed trailer with a vehicle inside when it rear-ended a car making a left-hand turn on Highway 12. West Hennepin Public Safety Department Director Gary Kroells said the motorhome then went over the car and flipped, landing in the ditch.

Neither the driver of the motorhome or his wife were injured in the crash. When the motorhome came to rest, they were both trapped inside briefly but pulled to safety by bystanders who stopped to assist.

KARE11 news

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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