Why do people go rv’ing?

Ok — I’m going to go off the deep end today.  Just warning you! I guess my mind has been on one topic for a few days.

Do you ever wonder what (if any) common thread there may be between the diverse RV’ers out there?  What is it that makes us sell what we have, and take up a semi-nomadic lifestyle — chasing the seasons, and perhaps our own dreams.  ???????

There are some obvious excuses (or should we call them ‘reasons’).  You’ve heard people say they want to see places they’ve never seen before.  Others will say they want to travel.  In some cases their work lives kept them indoors all the time and they want to get into the great out-of-doors. Living in one place your entire lifetime may be part of it.  Having a large family may have kept you home.  Caring for parents may have limited your resources… you get it… there are all sorts of reasons we have been stuck at home.


Do you ever wonder if there’s anything more to it than that?  Ir perhaps there are reasons that are never spoken about? If you have a little extra bandwidth in your monthly data plan take three minutes and listen to this little soliloquy. It’s an excerpt from the 1980’s movie My Dinner With Andre:

Now, I’m not about to suggest that the choice to go RV’ing is some kind of plot, nor that it’s some kind of reaction, I only want to say that there are truths to be found in all sorts of places and sometimes as humans we respond/react to instinctual urgings that we may never have consciously thought.

If you are in retirement age you lived through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  (there’s no particular reason that I stopped there except for the sound of the words.  😀  You remember bubble gum music. You remember acid rock.  You were there when surfing first came to public attention and some of us were there on the waves.  You saw the violence of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  You fought in distant lands and came home to civilians spitting on you.  You watched as this nation build the Interstate military highway system that we all take for granted today as civilian motorways but which were built to facilitate the rapid transport of military gear during the Cold War.  You watched as the greatest boom in this country happened, and brought wealth and prosperity to many of us, and too many of us fell into abject poverty for which we were partly responsible.  We’re all culpable;  we’re from a generation that still recognizes that we have personal responsibility for our actions, and for the concomitant results of our actions, those unintended consequences that pop up when least expected.

You’ve seen the world change around you.

What are you going to do now?

We’re all out here on the highways and byways, the campgrounds and RV resorts, part time and full time and we-aren’t-sure-how-long-time; we don’t want this RV adventure to end but we all know that it will end … inevitably…  eventually… no matter how old we are we aren’t  getting younger and at some point we’ll all end up getting off the road.

The wonderful thing about RV’ing is that you don’t have to explain your reasons.  You don’t even have to HAVE reasons.  To RV or to do anything else. The choice to live, and how to live, is ours alone.  Our kids should be mature and on their own by now.  We don’t owe them a living — we’ve done our part and brought them up to be socially productive and upstanding citizens. Some of them have listened, others have not.  Some of our kids have made us proud, others have embarrassed us — but their still our kids and we love them (most of the time).

My point is very simple.  There can be reasons we do what we do that we’ll never even understand.  That doesn’t make any difference. We’re out here as RV’ers every day, we have a chance — as it were — to hand someone a  pine cone and let them start their own new world by planting a seed — or more.

Remember, there’s no right way to RV.  And there’s no one standing around judging why you want to do it, or how you can do it, or afford to do it.  And maybe the choice to go RV’ing is a way of protesting (as many of us have done numerous times in our lives), and maybe we’re just out here to enjoy ourselves.

Whatever your reason…. be safe out there.  Care for one another.  Help your neighbor.  Learn something new each day.  Try to teach someone else something new each day.


Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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