Husband Day Care


former mill in Stillwater, now a coffee shop.

Kathryn’s presence with us gave us another excuse to snoop around Hudson & Stillwater.  We all got a kick out of the Husband Day Care sign in a local watering hole.  I can see how a place for guys to hang out might be needed in the little town of Stillwater.  There are a LOT of antiques to be found, in a lot of antique stores. And of course there are other gifts stores as well — Stillwater would curl up and die without the weekend getaway trade!


How long has it been since you’ve seen a water fountain like this all porcelain sample?

We ‘tested’ out a couple restos in town — nothing special but still decent fare.  The ladies got some walking in;  while they left me in the house to make gazpacho.

We did get a chance to see the Grand-kid’s new apartment.  I would have shared some pix if only they had gotten around to storing away all their belongings after just having moved in on Thursday and Friday.

I neglected to tell you about one of the sites to be seen in Hudson.  There is a place called the Octagon House.  And… yup… it’s a house with 8 sides!

2015081415131111The house was built for Judge John Shaw Moffat and his wife, Nancy Bennet Moffat, New Yorkers who arrived in Hudson in 1854 with their young daughter, Mary.  Four generations of the musically inclined Moffat-Hughes family lived in the home over a span of 102 years.  The eight-sided dwelling was a novel and popular design in America in the mid-1800s. These houses were considered conducive to healthy living as light and air could enter from eight directions.  Purchased in 1964 by the local Historical Society it’s maintained in the authentic tradition of a fine mid-19th century home.

2015081208364801Have you ever seen “Gator Eggs” in a grocery store?  I have!  I thought it was a cute advertisement.  Gotta find some way to market AVOCADOs to Minnesotans.

With Kathryn around for casual conversation we also had time to talk over ideas and plans for the future.  With the uncertainty about Michael’s foot we were all in agreement that making any plans for next Spring (after we finish at Bosque del Apache) is not a viable idea.

Which means that whether or not we choose to make the 800+ mile one way trip to San Diego is now up in the air.  When we first thought up that scheme it was a follow on from New Mexico and it made sense with plans of spending the entire summer on the Left Coast.  Now that we have committed to camp host in Wisconsin (a long way from the Left Coast) that extra 1600+ miles doesn’t make much sense and we may choose a different way of filling approximately 60 days from the time we leave the refuge until we’re due in Highland Ridge.  Goodness knows there’s plenty in between — specially in Texas — that we haven’t seen.

Although the MicrowaveTripp Lite is still in Milwaukee, Katy did bring the switch box I ordered.  I’ll get a chance to install that in the front overhead and move some other components from their current location. I really don’t like having to stand on the driver’s seat to reach back to the very front of the overhead to unplug the satellite receiver from time to time when it needs some sort of DISH reboot.  I’ll have to move the Blue Ray / DVD player to the curbside cabinet to make room, but little by little I’m feeling better about making modifications in this coach that I has been a little intimidating.  Maybe I’ll also move the plug in for the TV — right now the TV turns on and off every time we turn the engine ignition key off and on.  I undertand that they wanted the TV linked to the ignition so that you weren’t watching TV while driving — but I don’t like that it turns the TV ON/OFF every time we turn the switch.

With a two week stay coming up at St Croix Falls and no visits planned I’m hoping to get a few more chores done.  The park is a little (or a lot) more hilly so we may not walk as much as we did here. And the forecast is for cooler temps, so I might be encouraged to get out there and actually DO the organizing I keep talking about.

There you have it.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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