Dzień dobry – good morning from Polish Fest

Dzień dobry on the day after our visit to the Twin Cities Polish Fest!

2015080812073907The more I see of Minneapolis (during the summer) and the longer I stay off their crazy interstate system the more I like the city.  Traffic here is bonkers — not as bad as, say, Seattle, but people are in a big hurry (where are they not?)

2015080812081408It’s a city of wonderful neighborhoods and even though we are staying out of the city as much as possible, our sojourns into it are quite pleasant. I’m impressed with their parks.  Milwaukee used to have lovely parks, in fact Milwaukee used to have one of the best park systems in the nations — but they have let their treasure moulder and rot and decay.  Minneapolis has not done so.  Their parks are alive and cared for and well used.  There’s also a sense of vibrance here (at least during the summer); I’m learning to really appreciate a neighbor that I knew little about and rarely visited when we lived in Wisconsin.

Aug 7-9 was the 7th Annual Twin Cities Polish Fest. The only Polish Fest I’ve been to has been the one in Milwaukee, so this was an interesting twist on my own heritage.  It was smaller by far than Milwaukee’s version (perhaps the length of 2 city blocks with exhibitors/vendors tents and 2 music stages) and a few hundred attendants at a time — thousands over the course of three days — but compact and easily viewable.  It was good to hear the language again.  I never learned Polish, and with I travelled there on a speaking tour I had to take my own interpreter, my parents had been of the opinion that their language was theirs — for their secrets — and I never took the initiative to learn it on my own.  Something I’ll forever regret.

Polish Festival siteIt was set on the city’s edge — next to the river. Normally it’s a nice little street with condos and restaurants in the neighborhood — a nicely re-developing plot of land.

The food was luscious.  All the traditional Polish favorites on offer, and we did our best to sample a few of them.  2015080812110110There was a stage with folk music — that was ‘there’ but not many people listening.  There was a stage for dancing — polkas and waltzes outnumbered the other offerings 3 to 1 — and that stage was packed to the gills.

Peg and I had a fascinating lunch with two non-Poles…. two older gals from Minneapolis who haled from North Dakota and they regaled us with stories about hardy North Dakotians of the 30’s and 40’s — the gals were preparing ‘talks’ about their parents to give to a group and they were primed for story telling!

bet your pireogies

It wasn’t much of a festival — meaning total number of people.  Milwaukee goes bananas with festivals and anything under 50,000 for a weekend seems not to count but I really liked this mini- version of a festival much more than the big-honkin’ extravaganzas we used to attend.  You could talk with people without getting run over by the crowd.  Everyone was well behaved (as in not drunk).  And there were clearly a LOT of Polish speakers in the group.  I felt at home.


Old & New covers

On the way there we stopped for 1/2 an hour at IKEA ( I know, I know — how can you ever spend JUST 1/2 an hour at IKEA ). We found what we went for — a couple pillow covers to replace the old ones that came with Serendipity.  2015080811214202I always find the store fans to be a subject of fascination.  Those are some fans!

And on the way home we stopped at Sikora Polish deli & market for a few treats.

All in all it was a splendid day.  Our legs are still recovering from the hike to the waterfalls a few days ago — and being on our feet all day was a mixed blessing.  The muscles needed to be worked out, but the working out of the muscles wasn’t the most comfortable thing — so being around a lot of people having a good time was our reward.

Enough from me for today.  I hope you have a super day, we’re supposed to get some rain this afternoon and I may just take a nap.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Dzień dobry – good morning from Polish Fest

    1. LOL — Jim, I’ve never been THAT close to one of those bigassfans to READ the name on the side! You spend a lot of time near the ceiling at IKEA stores my friend? I know you aren’t THAT TALL!

      I would suspect that an outfit like IKEA , and a lot of other retail places must have some sort of air handling that at least partially deals with dust. But I don’t really know. I have never seen an IKEA associate with a feather duster.

      Then again if you have ceilings THAT high you need some kind air movement. I pulled out a dropped ceiling in my photo studio and reverted from 8’ to 12’ ceilings and the first winter I like to about froze to death. All the heat went UP. I had to do some quick juggling to get it warm enough for scantily clad models. I loved the workspace but hated the heating bills.

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      1. No, I just remember when the fans came out. The Grand Rapids Press ran a story on them. It seems some pro boxer was their spokesman at the time, but I don’t remember who it was. There was a car dealer who had one in their showroom in GR. They had to run it on ‘crawl’, as the sales staff had open-top cubicles, and the papers were getting blown off their desks. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s hard for us to get out of IKEA in 1/2 hour because we like to stop in their cafe for Swedish meatballs. You can have your ethnic food, I’ll eat Dave’s.

    Liked by 1 person

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