Sparks Fly!

You remember that microwave/convection oven I’ve been talking about?  Well, there’s some more to the story than you’ve yet heard. 2015081117565401 I wanted to check out the outlet before Mike and Katy arrived.  I had noted at the time the unit quit working that the plug seemed difficult to pull out of the wall.  I didn’t do anything about it at the time — the timer was working, the clock was working and the appliance would function for 59 seconds at a time — I thought the problem was just with the internal circuits.  Well, I tried to pull the plug from the outlet and it was not going to come. 2015081109504203I got out a screwdriver, which I used (after turning off all  power to the outlet) between the plug and the outlet to twist and remove the plug.  There was clear signs of arcing on one prong.  The plug had essentially welded itself inside the outlet.  There were no signs of heat on the wall — but as you can see there were signs of heat on the face of the outlet. 2015081114544807Well, that’s not good, is it?

110VAC receptacle

an RV type outlet — with locking back cap.

If you haven’t looked at the back of your electrical outlets you may not realize that the outlets in most RV’s are not like the outlets in a sticks & bricks home.  Most RV’s do not use outlets inside electrical boxes.  They use self contained outlets with rear covers that serve the same purpose as an electrical box. You don’t find those at Home Depot or Lowes, so the first problem was finding an RV dealer who might have them, and then getting one.  As a back up plan I did get a standard outlet and a box — just in case — these I can now return to Home Depot in the morning when we drive past the store on our way to the laundromat. 2015081114541805 I looked at the insides of the box after pulling it out and considering that it’s been back there in situ for 11 years and I did know about the the obvious one time heat the box didn’t look too bad.  No real way to tell WHY it happened other than an excessive draw on current. So, with the new outlet in place we’re ready for delivery of our new micro — and the manhandling of it into place.  Even the installation directions tell you to use 2 men to set it into place — at 70 some pounds — at odd angles and extended out beyond your body by 2 feet — it’s not going to be a “pretty” install, that’s for sure. smiling moose saloon smiling moose dining roomAnd there you have most of my Tuesday.  The job only took 1/2 an hour.  Finding a replacement outlet, driving to get it, and then accidentally’ having to stop and have a bite of lunch at the Smiling Moose Bar & Grill in Hudson — that took most of the rest of the day. I had hoped that I would get at some more of my projects today, but by putting first things first and taking care of that outlet I at least got the most important one done first so I’d be ready for my helpers.  Now, maybe tomorrow I’ll get at some of the others. The weather is forecast to be beautiful and I’m enjoying this summer to bits! Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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