Getting Ready for Guests

Kathryn’s Coming!  Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!  So is Mike.  And Mel & Drew are going to visit too!

What happens in your RV when you are expecting visitors?mopping_woman

For 47 years I’ve been watching a nervous wizard.  Peg does wonderful things to keep the house habitable — but that does not prevent her from getting nervous and wanting things to be Just-So when company comes.  There has always been a pre-visit flurry of activity in advance of visitors that tires me out.

I will say that since we’ve been RV’ing we have tried to do a lot of things that ease both our burdens, but especially for her in the area of household chores.  We have changed our wardrobe so that an iron is no longer needed (except when we have to borrow one to use for fusible fabric glue).  Instead of laundry virtually every day, we’ve gotten down to a 2 hour routine once every 2 weeks or so.

I TRY to make fewer dishes.  but don’t always succeed.

I TRY to make fewer dishes. but don’t always succeed. (all from one meal – sigh)

I wish I could say that I have found a way to ease the burden of doing dishes (short of doing them myself).  Sometimes I fail more miserably than other times.  Still and all, she even spends less time on dishes than she used to.


The anti-bug-stick and bug-removal apparatus

But, I’m happy to say that the anticipation of guests is easier to endure now, cleaning in progressthan when we lived in sticks & bricks.  Reason:  there’s just not as much to clean up!  There aren’t many floors to mop.  The vacuum managed the carpeting nicely.  And neither of us does windows — LOL — actually we BOTH do windows.  But mostly only the ones that get bugs on them.  In recent months Peg has taken to getting out of the coach while I’m fueling and she manages the manual-bug-removal-apparatus while I’m busy with the hose.

My chores are more about cooking, maintaining the coach and travel (research and execution).  It’s a reasonable division of labor that works for us and isn’t too different from that which was in place before going mobile.

But personalities don’t change overnight and they shouldn’t have to.  Peg wants the ‘house’ to be nice when visitors arrive and so do I, so we do our little thing in anticipation.


For us, one of those happens to be the purchase or finding of firewood.  (my job) Unlike a lot of RV’ers we seem never to get around to building a fire unless we have visitors.  Michael and Kathryn both LOVE campfires so we usually try to indulge them. (Then fall asleep not long after the fire gets going — I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep my eyes open at night, and I still haven’t learned to sleeping in the morning)


Stocking up the larder is always fun — that’s always been the case.  Stocking a 12 cu ft fridge for twice or three times as many people as normal — now that takes a little thought.  And even though we have the three burner propane stove, I still rarely use it in favor of our single burner induction hob — so thinking ahead about meals is a little trickier.  But the good part is that we have found that with good timing we can have the microwave running, two crockpots on LOW, and use the induction burner without tripping a breaker.  So, slow cooked meals become a bigger part of our repertoire!  If we only knew when they were arriving (mumble, mumble, mumble).


I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog that we don’t put lots of stuff out in our site while we’re in a place.  When visitors come we do usually get out our patio carpet and make sure the chairs are in place.  And oh, yes…. the awning.  We put out the awning.  We have this little thing between Peg and I about awnings.  I would prefer never to see our awning ripped off the side of our coach by high or unpredicted winds;  Peggy on the other hand would love to have the awning out to protect one side of the coach from the afternoon’s sun, thus, leaving it out all the time.  There’s a little tussle on that account seeing as our awning is not of the self-retracting-in-high-wind variety.  But we find a happy medium and mostly our guests never know there’s a difference of opinion on that account.

It will be fun to have the family with us.  Hanging out with your grown up kids is like visiting the best parts of yourselfWe love ‘em.  It’s minimal work getting ready for them and we miss the holiday meals and visits-for-no-reason that accompany a sticks & bricks life.  We’ll be near Katy & Mike for a month in September but still, it’s nice to get together whenever we can.  And lately there haven’t been an excess of those occasions.

To be honest it will even be fun to look back at the flurry of getting-ready activity — because it’s what you do for people you love.  And love is what it’s all about.

So, while we’re getting ready, why don’t y’all chill and enjoy life.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Guests

  1. Being in the cleaning industry and having clients who entertain…I know exactly what Peg is thinking.

    And you! You cook like the SIL does. He makes awesome food but MAN doe he use dishes doing it! lol

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