Scooby Do, Where Are You? In Hudson WI

This is an interesting park.  And we are loving it.  The park has within it a vertical variation of about 5 stories — the height of the water falls on the Willow River!


The trails here are wide and well groomed.

There are three separate camping loops (a total of 154 sites, 55 of which are electric).  The 300 loop is the oldest with fairly heavy tree cover.  Loops 100 and 200 are recent additions in a part of the park that is as much prairie as forest so there are mixed open areas with some trees, but not enough to really provide much shade.  The prairie area are abundant in prairie plants including luxurious growth of native  wildflowers — it’s really quite lovely.

2015080612440625The water falls — perhaps more accurately named cascades — are lovely.  They are  a huge draw for the young and we saw a lot of teens in and around the various levels of the cascades.


To give a sense of perspective — inside the red square are 4 mid-teen teenagers. Click to see larger

There are a number of walking trails, and a trail down to the waterfalls from a parking lot on the highway (CTH-A).  A word to the wise is be careful about the grade.  It is easily a 40º incline — almost 1 foot down for every foot forward.  The path (the steep part) is paved but even with paving this is an arduous walk.  A group of teens  were stopped on the way back up, the heaviest of whom was huffing and puffing and really in a sad state.  On our return trip we stopped three times to catch our breath.  It IS strenuous.  But the end point is worth the effort. 2015080613023951

South of the falls the river must be good for fishing — down the way there is a fisherman or two testing his luck.  There are supposed to be a lot of German Trout here.

At present the lake has been drawn down so that the dam at the far South end of the park can be repaired — the end of that project will return the lake to it’s more natural state.

We’re a scant 40 miles from Minneapolis, so a lot of the traffic here is Minnesotans coming over for weekend.  When we arrived on a Wednesday there was scarcely 10% occupancy.  The weekend will be a full house.


part of one downtown block


The old

We usually spend part of our first day sort of reconnoitering the area.  And so we did today.  Time to check out the Goodwill in search of more books.  And to find a decent laundromat.  We also took a quick trip over the St Croix River to Stillwater MN.  Stillwater is both a bedroom community for Minneapolis, it’s also a weekend getaway for Twin Cities residents and Wisconsinites.  And, it’s a stones throw from the Anderson Windows home office and plant — adding a lot of workers and $$$$ to the community.


The new — in process

There’s an old bridge between WI and MN that passes through downtown Stillwater.  It has forever been a bottleneck and is currently being replaced (completion late 2016).



2015080609083512-2 Back to that feature photo at the top of the post.   We saw this RV in our campground this morning. If you look carefully you can see the Scooby pals poster in the windscreen.The coach paint job was  matches the poster and it’s all about fun.  We passed the family later in the day on their route to the falls as we were on our way back.

There you have it.  A fun day, a fun park, and another week and a half to enjoy it. Thanks for stopping and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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