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You Never Know What Might Pop Up

Sunday at Highland Ridge was a lot of fun.  We had visitors!

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Our former ‘boss’ here at Highland Ridge stopped by to see us and chat, and then later in the after noon he stopped back again with his wife Emily, and their cute little 4 month old Stella.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been holding babies and there really isn’t anything in the world as beautiful as a little child!  Peg got her turn, I got my turn, and for a little kid who had gotten woke up from her nap twice that afternoon she was amazingly happy and content.  No fussing, hardly a peep out of her and such a little bundle of love!

Brad is a pretty interesting guy.  In addition being a Corps of Engineers Staff member — he’s in charge of volunteers, the seasonal ranger staff, and tours an at least two COE properties — as well as covering for the one staff member by which they are understaffed  — he also RAISES BEES and is an amazing BLOWN GLASS artist.

We caught up on the last two years since leaving here and had a great chin-wag.

While he was here he mentioned that he had nothing lined up for volunteer staff for next summer.  We talked a bit and I think we may return here and spend the May-September camping season hosting here.  Things are still a little tentative; he’s got us pencilled in but we can back out if we need to — after all we haven’t even had this year’s doctor’s visit yet and while we’re feeling good you never know what doctors might throw your way.   So, our Life Unscripted may not have details written into it, but there are a few blocks of time pencilled into our jello plans.

With our grand-kid in Minneapolis, and a new boyfriend serious enough to be co-habiting, grandparents never know when they might be called upon to show up for official events ( 😇 ).  Grandmothers are always thinking of such things.  At any rate, here we are about 75 miles from where the G-kid lives, and about 300 from our daughter so we’d be further away from our daughter than we were in Thomson or Blackhawk — but visiting us here could kill two birds with one visit — seeing us and Melanie.  So, could be win-win for all involved.

That’s about it for now.  thanks for stopping and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


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