Parting Glances at Highland Ridge


a view of the fields, alternating rows of corn and soy, on the road into the park.


The beach at the Day Use area.


a panorama of the lake from the overlook above the dam.

By the time this posts we will have departed Highland Ridge and moved to Willow River State Park for two weeks.   Before leaving the topic for the blog I wanted to put just a couple images of the area.  This is hilly country.  There is good soil here.  The area is partially populated by a community of Amish with their ways and their wagons and home crafts including some marvelous food — baked, produced, and furniture.  There is a cheese factory (Cady Cheese Compan) about 3 miles from the campground, a lovely little town with several restaurants, a hardware store, grocery, and — of course — a laundromat.  This is Wisconsin hardwoods forest country with farming fields cut out from the forests with lots of hard work — but the farms here prosper in spite of the shorter growing season that is just part of Northern Wisconsin.

We like all the places we’ve stayed with the Corps, but I have to say that the intimacy of the forest here, and the few campsites (50 some) make this a really lovely place that resonates with our soul.

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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