Old Diary

Luxuriating in the Forest


How idyllic! tree lined roads and only about 6 campers in 53 sites on a Wednesday.


A nice playground for the kids / This is a favorite weekend spot for a lot of locals.


adjacent to the playground is the Interpretive Center.


Our site is more than long enough for our 40’ coach. The CR-V isn’t even at the end of the drive.


The camp road runs alongside the site, and Peggy is enjoying the cool breezes on a 84º day.


The view out of our lounge window

It has been over a year since we had a wooded site like this.  I’m not quite sure but we’ve been enjoying the sun and open campsites but you can get to the point that you forget what you’ve been missing.

Highland Ridge (USACOE) is a small campground, probably the smallest since we left our little enclosure on the Siuslaw Forest.  With only 53 sites here, and being nestled into a Wisconsin hardwoods forest, it’s so the complete opposite of where we’ve been recently.  And it’s a good reminder that the same temperatures  when filtered through the forest canopy is a good deal more comfortable than being out there in the  sun.

It’s a short drive from Blackhawk Park to Highland Ridge.  About 140 miles, three hours (the way we drive) and about 1/2 of it follows the Mississippi with plenty of choice views. The route is all US highway, State Highway and County Highway.  Oddly enough the bumpiest part was state highway.  Even the county roads were better than WI-35 at this point.  That road is really in need of some TLC.

There’s a small lake here — the results of the packed earth dam put in here during the 1960’s.  Unfortunately, the lake is not accessible from the campground directly. You have to drive about 8 miles around the lake to get to one of several access points.  But there is a nice overlook at the campground.

With sites as long as 70’ it’s easy enough for big rigs to get in — but not all the sites are as luxurious  so you need to check the Recreation.gov listing to insure the site you’re looking at is suitable.  The sites are Electric only.  No water at the site.  No sewer at the site.  There is a dump station at the park entrance.  But it’s good to note that most of the water spigots that campers might used to refill their water tanks do not have stay-open faucets.  Someone decided that if you weren’t really willing to hold the faucet open you really didn’t want water after all.  Seeing as our coach takes 30 minutes to fill with a 45psi pressure regulator when we are 1/3 full it’s something you want to think about.  In this case we’ll only be here for 1 week and our next stop is only 30 miles up the road — so we’ll refill when we arrive there instead of before we leave Highland Ridge.

Well, that was our Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.