Last Minute Larder Stop

We leave Blackhawk Park on Wednesday and we want to stock the larder at a grocery we really LIKE before heading up to Spring Valley WI.  Some years ago my then-pre-teen-grand-kid and I were taking a grandparent/grandkid trip and having breakfast at Perkins — where she looked at me rather seriously and said, “Jaja, you take your food seriously, don’t you.”  Well, I guess she was right.  Nothing’s changed in the food department.

festivalWe try to gauge our campground choices on the surrounding city-scape.  That’s partly to insure some variety in food choices.  Towns with at least 7000 population give us a better chance of finding what we want than really small ones.  Our next stay is 6 miles from town, but a very small town (population 1300), so we’ll try to leave here fully supplied for the next week ( for the past 2 weeks we’ve been in De Soto – population 286 ).

Approaching our annual doctor’s visit in another month or I need to drop some weight before we get there and the only thing that really works for both of us has been the High Protein / Low Carb approach.  Stocking up the larder now is relatively easier and finding a good butcher shop has already been done!  Temps up there in the upper 80’s and 90’s are just warmer than Iike — blame it on the amount of insulation I carry with me every where I go.

We arrived with two projects I wanted to finally get around to.  But, a couple weeks of alternating heat and rain have slowed or postponed some of my outdoor chores; our next site is shaded which may mean that I finally get to some organizing ideas I’ve had for a while.  It will still be hot, but at least we’ll be out of the direct sun.2015040909483901  Of course shade means we may also be out of sightline for our DISH account — but we know we shold get decent air-TV from Minneapolis at that site.

Spring Valley is a return to the campground where we had our first volunteer experience.  It will be interesting to see which of the staff are still there and who may have moved on (there are a few likely prospects).

We only scheduled 1 weeks at Spring Valley before 2 separate 2 week stays at Wisconsin State Parks.  I noted in the news a few days ago that the Scott Walker 2015-2017 budget calls for increases in state camping fees and the state park entry fee.  Annual entry passes go from $25 to $35 ( from $10 to $13 for seniors)   Overnight camping fees go up about $5.00 a night with electric costs going from an additional $5.00 per night to $10.00 per night.   wi_dnrFor facilities that are lagging behind the standard we find in other states, but which are in under-supply for the number of users that’s getting up there.  I don’t mind paying for the services I’m receiving — but jacking the prices without improving the services is… well…. just what we see everywhere else in US culture.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Larder Stop

  1. I knew the minute I heard about the camping fee rate in WI- that you’d be sticking with Corp sites next year! Good thing you did (had to) buy this year’s sites early and won’t be charged more!

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    1. I don’t know how much time we’ll even have in WI next year. If we do San Diego I’m not sure yet what we might do from there. I even floated the idea of ALASKA to mom but she’s not commented back yet — still mulling it over —
      We could just decide to attempt visiting every Corps of Engineers campground in the country…. 🙂


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