Trip Advisor

There are RV specific travel tools and there are NON-RV specific tools.  One of my favorites is Trip Advisor.  It’ won’t help you find a camping site for a 45 foot tandem axle behemoth of a coach, but it will tell you a lot about what’s in the area you plan on exploring and it will certainly give you better than even odds of finding a good place to eat — seeing as eating out is the frequent best-loved activity of most of the RV’ers I know personally.

Trip Advisor 2 Trip Advisor 1From the lowly home page where you can pick your veritable ‘poison’ there are plenty of opportunities to benefit from the experiences of others along the way.  Like any public review site you have to take the reviews with a grain of salt — there will always be the guy or gal with a sour taste in their mouth from some real or imagined insult or slight but most of the reviews I’ve read are people genuinely giving their point of view.

Trip Advisor 4

How a food truck outranks a sit down restaurant I don’t know, but in Florence OR that’s the case.

Trip Advisor 3

In Milwaukee it’s not at all surprising to see Sanford’s at the top of the list — for a place where you can easily spend $100-150 a couple on a meal that might be expected, But to have a frozen custard stand in second place is not surprising, and an Italian market which isn’t really even a restaurant — but which does have a takeaway deli in third place is completely understandable.

You also have to be aware that there are a lot of people who will go first to their favorite franchise business whether or not their services are good or their food is tasty.   On occasion I look at a city’s restaurant listing and I scratch my head.  It’s hard for me to fathom a place with 10 5 star ratings coming out ahead of one with 150 5 star ratings.  That doesn’t make sense to me. Having said that, Trip Advisor is very democratic;  given enough high scores the place is rated higher than another regardless of cost or (in the case of restaurants) cuisine. As a result you can find great restaurant that are budget conscious, and steer away from high priced duds.

You also have to read the reviews with an open mind.  Some people will give a superlative review to the best restaurant in an area, as distinct from giving superlative reviews only for what they consider superior restaurants.  Personally, I think it’s not hard to figure out whether the place (attraction, hotel, or restaurant) is one I’m interested in from the reviews.

If you haven’t found Trip Advisor yet, I enourage you to do so.  AND… if you are going to places listed on their site why not take the time to review it yourself!!!!.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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