Lazy on the River

Katy came out to see us between Thursday and Monday.  We are really enjoying being a little family again.  The months of absence are always fun to make up for, and it doesn’t take long before the ‘catchup’ part of our reunion is over and we can just be ourselves again.  We’re always thankful to Michael for sharing our daughter with us; after all, she was ours before she was his.

2015071709472801Her short visit to Thomson ended up being filled with time in the car; the shad flies sort of ruined the sit-in-the-sun-and-chat mood.  But no such bad luck this weekend.2015071709482103

The skies were clear for most of the weekend, and we walked, and walked, and talked and talked and stopped to watch the river, and the tow boats and whatever there was to watch.2015071911224210

We got our daily dose of Bald Eagles.  Not many turtles here, we haven’t (and don’t usually) see deer here, but watching RV’ers dogs took second place.  There are plenty of warblers, cardinals, and Red Winged Blackbirds — as you would expect in any Wisconsin wooded area.2015071916185621

We even had our share of time to just sit and (as the photo shows) play games — in this case it was Peg & Katy dueling in a game of Scrabble.

The rest of the populace were out enjoying the water as there was enough skiing, inner tubing, fishing, and lazy sailing down the river going on.

The river islands are a great place to ‘boondock’ off the back of your houseboat if you happen to have a houseboat. And if not — there are plenty of houseboats for rent along the stretch of river from Prairie du Chien and Trempeleau WI.




One of the things I’ve been meaning to comment on is the Colorado Carefree awning we have on Serendipity.  Our former coach, Journey, had another brand — I can’t even remember which — but it had support arms that I was always walking into.Old Awning This new style is so much nicer.  As you can see in the photo the bottom of the support scissors is a good 5 or 6 inches higher than I am tall.  No More Walking Into Awning Supports!

There you have it.  We’re chillin’ and staying out of the sun.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.  Be Safe.


2 thoughts on “Lazy on the River

    1. No, Jim, We have the old style w/o the auto return. As a result I’m always monitoring the wind and I don’t leave the awning out overnight if there’s any risk of storm. Actually, I am probably overly careful (says Peggy).
      I love the new awning; don’t care that much about whether it’s auto return or not.

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