Glad We Aren’t There!

I just had to share this story from the Iowa Department of Transportation.  If you have been following us you’ll know that we went through several weeks of periodic Shad Fly emergences.  The town of Sabula IA is 10 miles north of where we were staying and for some reason they always get hit the worst of any area along the Mississippi.  Evidently it’s a bumper year for the little buggers!

This is NOT the first time they have had to get out SNOWPLOWS to clear the bridge of piles and piles of shad flys.

Thank goodness we aren’t still there.

Shadfly alert! This video was taken Saturday night/Sunday morning on the Savanna/Sabula bridge over the Mississippi River. Shadfiles, also known as Mayflies, are in the height of their hatching season and are covering the bridge, making it very slick. Local law enforcement called out our DOT forces to plow the insects off the bridge. 

Dick Banowetz, our supervisor in the area said the flies were ankle deep on the bridge. Once his crew plowed the bridge, they applied sand for traction. 

To try keep the Shadflies off the bridge during their hatching period the next few weeks, we’re going to keep the lights off at night. 

Everyone crossing the bridges needs to use extra caution and motorcyclists especially need to be very careful on this bridge as the road surface is very slick from the flies.


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