I’ve mentioned before that while we were volunteering in Oregon I didn’t read a single book in 10 months.  That is SO not me. And in the nearly 1 year since then I’ve been making up for the lapse in character.  Since then I’ve read 38 books. (What We’re Reading) and I’m still going strong.

Where do you get books on the road?  If you’re in a place long enough it’s sometimes possible to get a local library card.  (Depending on the local requirements for proof of residency)

I can’t bring myself to join the world of eBooks.  Somehow digital media simply isn’t as satisfying.  I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love having to have a physical bookmark, and in bending the pages back to keep the book open.  I love books.  Real Books.  Paper Books.

I read enough and quickly enough that I don’t ever pay retail price for books.  I just can’t afford to. Some RV parks, and even some public campgrounds have book lending libraries where you pick up one and drop off one.  Their library stays fluid and so does the reader’s choices, with constantly changing titles.

One of my favorite sources is Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul (or St. Vinnie’s).  Their books are cut rate at rates that are pretty widely varied.  I’ve seen prices between $2.99 and $0.79 but that’s a whole lot better than I’d find anywhere else.

I also believe in recycling books and in supporting the work of groups like Goodwill and St. Vinnies — so I read them, and then donate them back.  The choice isn’t always what I might prefer — but that’s a good way to push my instinctive selection of mysteries into other areas.  Some areas of the country are better for books than others.  I won’t display my personal biases by telling you which I prefer — there are some secrets you don’t give away even to your best friends.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “Read-aholic

  1. I thought I would read more books when I retired, but I have been too busy, Peter. When I do dive into a book, it is on my Kindle app on my iPad. That all started in my business flying days, as everything I did was done through my Apple tablet. I even blog through it. To each their own, right?



    1. Yup — you’re exactly right Jim.
      Words have always been my friends. And I have been fortunate not to HAVE to travel by plane very much. I just hate feeling like cattle being herded from place to place. AND I like having room in my luggage for a good book or two.
      I have considered buying a tablet but for now I am still a died-in-the-wool laptop user.
      There’s no right way……

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  2. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    Quite an impressive reading list. But I noticed my novel wasn’t on it. Frankly, I don’t blame you. Not many can read a 9 font. Wait for the next one and I’ll send you a free copy. I am taking James Patterson’s writing course. That should make my 3rd novel even better!


  3. I’ve gotten a ton of books from St. Vin (here, they often have a buy-one-get-one) — and donated them back once done reading. It’s always kind of sad to see them go, but even with a house, books can get of hand.

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