Moving Day Again

Wednesday was moving day.  I’m always a little sad to leave Thomson Causeway, we like it a lot — even when there have been Shad Flies.  But we topped off our water tank,  pulled in out slides, and leveling jacks and soon enough we were on our way.

I was surprised to see the large dragon fly on the side of Serendipity.  So I took a moment to get a shot of it.  It looked almost fake, plastic, but it was in fact a live dragon fly.

July 15Before leaving the campground I took a little detour.  We’ve been using our tanks for shorter stays since leaving Oregon and I wanted to augment the effectiveness of this two week accumulation of waste.  And Thomson Causeway is laid out just the right way to help.  We didn’t go right to the dump station.  Instead we drove to the fourth circle of campsites — one that is removed from the other three by half a mile of road and two steep hills.  Wanting to shake things up a bit, we got a couple good steep uphills and downhills  before dumping.  Not very glamorous but it’s a part of RV’ing that you can’t get away from.  If you make the mess you (and only you) get to clean it up too!

The route was mostly known road to us;  all two lane, state, county and US highways.  In a car you could do it in three hours — it took us four hours not counting our break for a cold sammich.

2015071511034304The only excitement of the day was being stopped for a WIDE (about 16’) and LONG (over 100’) load.  The cops and the escort cars took good care of the trucker but we were stopped for a good thirty minutes while two tractors cleared one intersection.2015071511024103   I have no idea what these things were.  and years ago I transported a couple wide loads but nothing like this at all.  I almost envied the driver the experience.   It looked so fun!

Here at Blackhawk Park we are not in our favorite spot, but we aren’t far from it and we are in an easy in/easy out site, with a good sight line to the satellites. So, we’re all set for another two weeks.

We grabbed a pizza at The Great River Roadhouse — one of our favorite pizza joynts anywhere and we’re looking forward to having Kathryn arrive tomorrow for 4 days.  Yahoo!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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