Moved Sites

I got ticked off on Sunday.  When the ranger came around I asked about changing sites to get away from the Shad Flies that still have not completely left the park.  He was ever so understanding and moved us to a different site on the spot.

We can still see the river.  We’re only about 120 feet from the bank.  And here we actually have a satellite link!  But mostly we are far enough away from the emergences that we should be able to pack up to leave on Wednesday without having to brush and flow flies off the coach again.  2015071213535706

During our stay in Petosi (Grant River Recreation Area) we were commenting on the fact that river traffic — those mammoth 15 barge tows — seem to be down.  Well, this week there has seemed to be some increase in traffic.  I think we are getting into a time when there’s enough crops to be shipping along with the staples of oil and coal that need regular delivery to the power plants and industry along the river.

Thomson Penitentiary

The last time we were in the area there had been a brand new, state of the art, abandoned prison.  It was built back in 2002-2003 and never filled with prisoners or staff.  Thomson Penitentiary.Well, on this visit to town it appears that the prison is being put to use.  It’s good to see that.  The taxpayers of the State of Illinois paid $160 million to build it!  The prison has been transferred to the Feds, and they are in the process of populating it now.

It’s been ‘open’ for only about 2 months.  There are 200 some staff on site.  Currently there are only 20 inmates but they will gradually populate this supermax site up to it’s capacity of 1600 at a safe and sustainable rate.  I can only imagine the problems of bringing in too many prisoners judged to require supermax confinement if they all show up in an environment without social structure.  The battle to the top of the heap would be dangerous for prisoners and staff alike. Perhaps there are times that slower is better than faster.

Anyway…. Your tax dollars at work.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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