Don’t Park on the Grass

I’ve been thinking that lately I’ve been writing a lot.  So I’m going to make a little change in my posts for a while. They’ll feature one single image. Today’s image is about a pet peeve of mine.  If you’ve been following me for a while you know I sometimes wander a little — but let’s see how this works.

Don’t Park on the Grass

Most campgrounds have limits on how many people can occupy a campsite.  Moreover, most campgrounds exercise some control over the number of vehicles allowed at one site.  Of course that’s a theoretical control at public parks and campgrounds because there’s little to prevent additional people and cars from parking some distance away and joining in the party/event/jollity. Where the rubber meets the grass the problems begin (not where the rubber meets the road — if the rubber is on the road there’s no problem).  Thoughtless folks just don’t appreciate the damage done when people repeatedly abuse the turf.  Week after week of abuse. Campgrounds are not like a professional sports stadium where they actually pay a crew to keep the field of play in decent playing condition.  And even professional sports fields can sometimes look pretty distressed by the end of the season.  But a campground is lucky to have someone (often a volunteer) to CUT the grass, much less fill it, reseed it, etc..

Click for 1000 px image

Click for 1000 px image

If you watch TV detective programs you’d think that it’s possible to know who rode on the grass by the tire tracks.  Too bad that doesn’t happen.  Maybe we should let them pay to fix up the damage they cause.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Park on the Grass

  1. We’ve hosted gatherings at state and commercial RV parks. We’ve always made it a point to tell visitors where they can park on the gravel. In fact, at the state park we picked our site based on its proximity to guest parking. I’m just reminding people it is possible to be a good host nearly anywhere.


    1. Good thoughts Linda.

      Frankly, hosting gatherings sounds like too many people to me. 🙂

      The idea of picking your site to be close to guest parking is a GREAT idea!

      > >


  2. WordPress has changed their format again and it took me a while to find out how I can like your post. If you notice changes in your responses, this may be contributing to the change. My pet peve…changing programs that I use and know how to navigate without giving any indication as to what you have to do. Thus I spend unnecessary time trying to figure out what I used to already know,


    1. I am SOOOOOOOO with you on this.

      And of course they THINK they are making things “better.” But I still go back to the classic way of composing because it’s too easy to “publish” when I want to “save Draft” and I like the clarity of the older version.

      Not sure if I have seen any changes or not.

      > >

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