Storage Project Revisited

I’ve been trying to get back to a couple projects, and having a hard time doing it. Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to procrastinate when you’re retired?

And wouldn’t RV’ing be so much easier if we all carried around the same ‘stuff.’ (no — I’m not replaying yesterday’s George Carlin recording).  But seriously, wouldn’t life be easier if motorhome builders knew that everyone carried around the same size containers, in the same quantity and were going to store them in the same storage bay?  Alas, that is not the case and we all get to reinvent the wheel, and reinvent THAT wheel, and reinvent the subsequent wheel, ad infinitum.

Anyway, I finally want to finish up with that rear storage bay that I’ve been ditzing around with for what surely has been months and seems like years.  The object, by way of refresher was to provide storage for the Brake Buddy when we are stationary.  Giving up back seat space in the CR-V, or trying to stow it in the rear of the CR-V really doesn’t work with all the other stuff that normally lives there.

2015070910304511The biggest concern is not to damage the solar controllers mounted in that same storage bay.  They are smack dab against the inner wall, just forward of the back wall.  In this case one disconnect will be above the shelf and one will be below the shelf.  Providing a spacer, and securing the shelf in place so it does not move (read that as, “crash into the controllers”) should be all the more I need to do.


It may be ugly but it got the job done. sigh.

Bearing in mind that the only time this shelf will have anything on it is when we are stationary — given that the items to be stored on top are in the Car while moving, the fact that the storage bay has looked like this in the past is irrelevant.


The Brake Buddy (beige item on top), and the gray box both live in the car while being towed.

So, after fitting parts and insuring that the shelf won’t slide back against the solar disconnects, the storage area for the Brake Buddy now looks like this:

It will function well enough, I’m content.

Did you hear a Pelican?

While walking the campground this morning the subject of what kind of noise does a Pelican make?  It turns out that adult White Pelicans are normally silent.  The Cornell University resource for birds and bird call info offers us some breeding noises and distress sounds but seldom will you hear them calling out.  Who would have thought…

White PelicanOn another Pelican note, we spoke with a local commercial fisherman (who launches his boat here at the campground) and it’s clear that the commercial fishermen have NO LOVE for Pelicans. The White variety nest on the land, and this fisherman in particular complained that their poop acidifies the land (islands) where they breed and that the acid is killing the fish.  I’m sure there are other arguments as well, but it seems like anything one person loves is going to be the same thing someone else hates. Such is life.

There you have it.  We’re more than half way through our stay here.  Next Wednesday we’ll be moving up river to De Soto Wisconsin, and Blackhawk Park.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow. I want to share a little about the Great River Trail.


9 thoughts on “Storage Project Revisited

    1. Jim, I wanted to use some of that wire ‘California Concept’ style shelving, one of our friends has done that. But I amanita happy with the idea of drilling holes in the water tight compartment for fasteners to hold that kind of shelving in place. This might not be as elegant, but for a primarily static storage I think it will work just fine.



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