I Went to a Clip Joint

ARGH!  Gaaaaahhhhh!  I can’t stand it any more!2015070717335105 I’ve had it with the ‘Winter’ look. It’s time for summer to arrive.

Out with the bushy sideburns, and the heavy hair on the next.  Dig out the clippers and let’s trim that motley crop of hair.

It’s an interesting thing, being on the road, and finding a place to get your hair cut.  This is clearly from a guy’s perspective, and most of the guys I know personally aren’t all that into our own looks.  Pretty much a good old fashioned Barber Shop is all I want or need;  I’m not one of those high maintenance Urban Hipsters, or a Metro-sexual, or any of those fancy words.  All I want is a barber shop.

Finding a basic barber shop is getting harder and harder.  And when you do find a decent one chances are there will be a longer line at the barber shop than you’ll find in ANY modern day chain store unisex hair salon.  I tried on Tuesday, and failed miserably.    Even though, there’s one only 7 miles from our campsite.  But, with one cutter at the local store and 8 heads awaiting their turn I gave up.

It’s that “line” thing, you see.  I hate standing in line, waiting in line, sitting around doing nothing while waiting for someone to take my money.  I don’t like lines at amusements parks, I don’t queue up at restaurants,  and I don’t wait to get my hair cut.  In the end, I settled for a ‘salon.’ I walked in the door, got a decent haircut — including some time with the thinning shears which often does not happen at a barber shop — and I walked out happy.  And ready for the full heat of summer.

I do wonder what it is that makes hair go from gray to white.  It does seem as if my hair has made that transition — at least in front.  I know it’s all about pigments:  Eumelanin and Pheomelanin, but that’s as far as I go.  I’ll chalk it up as “magic.”

We haven’t had Chinese since Junction City and we were both jonesing for our Asian Fix, so after getting clipped we walked to the other end of the strip mall to the local Chinese joint.    While the food was nothing to write home about the fortune in my fortune cookie was worth the cost of the meal.  I’ve heard people joke about Chinese food, but this takes the cake (or the cookie, I guess).

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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