The Heavens Opened and Rain Fell


De Fly-ing the car after blowing off the coach

Monday saw us in a deluge!  The rain cleared the air of Shad Flies (at least for a day — we’ll see whether there are any more emergences tonight). Having blown them off the coach not long before, the heavy rains did a good job of pressure washing the coach; she’s actually pretty clean right now.  I’ll get out the ladder and inspect the roof before we leave here, but right now we’re back to looking pretty good right now.

Rain fell at rates upwards of 1 inch per hour.  A good drenching; with some local flooding alerts – none of which affected the campground.

With all that water it was a good day for reading, a couple walks, and an overdue shower.  All those flying critters had me postponing a good soaking at the Corps showers, sticking with a more spartan shower in the coach.  We’re at an electric only site.  Being here for two full weeks means we have to be a bit careful about water usage; and we normally take advantage of the Corps showers.  We know we can make it slightly longer than 14 days on one tank full.  I didn’t want to take LONG, LONG showers and risk having to break camp to dump our tanks a day or two early and then go and set up all over again.  I guess I’m getting lazy in my ‘senior years.’  LOL

I called Bosque del Apache and talked with our winter supervisor.  We cemented an arrival date and he sent us the link for a Safe Driving Course needed to complete before arriving.

Somehow I messed up our reservation for the beginning of September. Back in February when we made Summer plans I ‘forgot’ when Labor Day was…. and I stopped our reservation at the 1st of September not the 8th of September.  Now I can fill that 1 week gap knowing for sure how much time we have to make the trip to NM.  This way I can get rid of that 330 mile, 1 day drive from St Croix Falls to Milwaukee.  Likey, Likey.


4 thoughts on “The Heavens Opened and Rain Fell

  1. We got in on that same deluge here… 5.6 inches in about 12 hours. It was great to have it, but it also caused some flooding issues in the area, too. I’m just waiting for the next influx of mosquitoes now, just as they were starting to die off after the May rains. Oh well, a small price to pay for such wonderful rains.


    1. Ah yes…. SKEETERS!

      I was just saying last night to Peggy as we took our evening walk (and as she was swatting so many skeeters that her arms looked like fan blades) that up till now we haven’t had much of an issue with those little blood suckers! But we sure have found them in numbers here.

      It’s odd that she gets so bitten up, and I usually end up with just a few (if any) bites. She’s tried peppermint oil, and Absorbine JR. We’ve tried fabric softener sheets and … well, you know the whole list of things supposed to discourage skeeters. She’s tried them all. I guess she’s just too tasty.

      Skeeters I don’t seem to mind too much. In Minnesota they have Black Flies and those I DO mind!

      But, it’s all part of the RV lifestyle. You can avoid them by staying in more urban areas where they treat for skeeters, but who wants to do that when the wide open spaces are out there waiting to be explored?

      🙂 > >

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      1. I just miss being able to use our backyard right now. Can’t even imagine how bad they may be in the parks right now. But, we need this rain, and I’m not complaining… I hope. 😉 It also broke off several branches on our crape myrtles. Too much rain too quickly, it seems.

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      2. Sorry to hear about the crepe myrtles.

        So many people think that just because one is willing to talk about something that means they are complaining about it. But that is SO not true. Life is about the good and the bad, about the beautiful and the ugly and I think we do LIFE a disservice if we pretend that half of our experiences don’t exist by ignoring them. Like our time with the Shad Flies — sure they aren’t pleasant, but they ARE a part of life and into every life a few shad flies must fly. So, just buck up and accept that — and to me, acceptance means including them in my conversation in the same tone that I speak about my joys.

        Too much rain, too soon? Do you ever wonder whether our lifestyles — specially with instant communications and TV and Radio and Smart Phones etc. — do you ever wonder whether such things have shrunk our tolerance for time related matters, like how much rain, or how often.
        The Weather Channel makes money telling us how dangerous the weather is, and how careful we need be — it’s like theres a perpetual Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.
        I guess I’m trying to learn acceptance….


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