At home and at ease

2015062308330619 2015062308323718Wednesday was quiet. After Tuesday’s bad news we were both weary and uninspired.  But late Tuesday evening the phone rang again to say that our worst fears were realized and that a dear soul had succumbed to liver failure and was no longer with us.  It was another sobering moment — a reminder that life is precious.

I can’t say we’re having a ‘good time.’   But I will say this is a good place for us to be at the moment.  No running needing to be done;  it’s a time we can both be alone (together) with our thoughts.

We talked about Peg hopping a plane to attend the funeral on Saturday and she decided against that;  the logistics were just to complicated for a destination too far from the available airports.

We’re going to have to visit some repair shop some place along the way.  Our 11 year old Microwave is acting up.  It still microwaves, but regardless the time we set it for it turns itself off at 60 seconds as if you had opened the door and waits for you to hit the start button again. The repair should be covered under our extended service plan but we need to find a shop we trust and that can get the job done within our 2 week stay cycles.  We don’t use that a lot, so if need be we can wait until we’re in Milwaukee for 1 month.

It’s always something. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “At home and at ease

  1. Look at Sharp brand for a new microwave. Our first one is still working and it’s over 40 years old. My mother-in-law bought it for us for our 2nd or 3rd anniversary. When we remodeled the kitchen we had to get a smaller microwave to fit in the box they made for it. We bought another Sharp. It’s 5 years old now and working like a champ. You know, I’ve probably jinxed it by talking about it.
    I won’t buy Samsung because their TV leaked something into the background after we had it a few years. It makes faces odd colors but otherwise, you can watch it. We bought a new fridge for the new kitchen. Some friends up north needed a new one and we recommended the same Samsung model we bought. Their’s is perfect. Ours hasn’t worked right since the first month. I tried to get it looked at, but got no help from the store or Samsung. Therefore, I won’t buy any thing else of theirs, including a cell phone.

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    1. What we have now is Sharp. RV life is hard on appliances for sure. We’ll see what the RV tech says when we get around to looking at it. We might leave it go till September when we are near MKE>


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