Lullaby of Iron

A solitary man sitting on a riverside bench. How more bucolic can you get.2015062307503701-2 And that’s about how I felt when I woke up this morning. The trains nearby might even have helped rock me to sleep last night! I admit to being a little cranky after a day of fighting the steering wheel in that wind, and then arriving here with now electricity but with a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast of leftover pancakes and bacon from the weekend (Yes — there can be such a thing as leftover bacon!), and a power post that says it’s ready to deliver our ‘tricity I was feeling a whale of a lot better.


A little friend perched on my hat brim…. Or is he hangin’ on for dear life? Not sure.


The entire side of the pole facing us is covered in these little critters, cheek by jowl.

I’m not sure at what part of the annual black fly season we have arrived, but the flying critters are definitely here, now!  We have been here when entire RV’s have been covered in Black Flies (which really aren’t flies at all).  2015062307535004 To give you an idea, however, here are a couple shots of the entry gate and a light pole.

We’re taking today, Tuesday, and tomorrow to cool our jets after the busy weekend.  Wednesday and Thursday we have rain in the forecast and one of those days we’ll get the obligatory laundry out of the way but other than that we’re laying low, giving that ankle a chance to continue healing and just spend out time yacking and telling stories with the rest of the RV’ers around.  There’s at least one group of old fogies (their own self-description, not mine) here comprised of about 8 sites of couples and they are well lubricated and having about as much fun as people our age can have anymore! 🙂

I’ve been pondering whether I want to make a slap-dash trip to Milwaukee while we are here.  It’s about 170 miles each way and it’s the closest we’ll be to home before September.  I have some more basement reorganizing I want to do and getting some bulky things out of the coach before September would make that job a lot easier — but we’ll see how the timing works out.

I did have a chance to measure out and cut a shelf for my curbside rear storage bay.  That’s where our Brake Buddy lives alongside our Blue Ox safety equipment when we are parked.  I’ve been wanting to  have a better place for the Brake Buddy that would allow me easier access to other things stored back there; a shelf is the easiest solution.  But, the screws I thought I had with me I don’t — so in the next few days when we go into Dubuque we’ll stop at a hardware and pick them up.

Between working on the shelf this morning and shooting the bull with people who keep stopping by the day has flown!  But I promised you some photos of Grant River Recreation Area and here are a few:

And now, that’s enough work for one day.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lullaby of Iron

    1. We’re high here too, but not as high as in previous years. I think you’re getting more effect from the heavy rains in the Missouri drainage area. Have fun down there. How long are you down there? We stay here till Wednesday when we move to Thomson IL / Clinton IA — not sure whether a meet for a cuppa could be in the offing?


      1. Oh well…. 🙂
        That’s a bit of a drive for a couple days — but then we’ve done similar. Hope you had a great time. I love St Louis in an odd sort of way. At least certain aspects.

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  1. I always loved the sound of a train going past. I haven’t ridden on many, but they were always a pleasant ride. At my grandmother’s house there was no train, but we did get to hear the sorrowful sound of the boat whistle. Those were my two favorite sounds growing up–the train and boat whistles.

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    1. I have mixed feelings about trains. Have done my share of riding, including MKE to Seattle, European trains and both ways across Australia by train. We lived 1 block from the Amtrak line for 35 years. But this is a bit like living next to the Elevated. There’s a whistle required grade crossing at the end of the campground so every one of the trains sounds repeatedly. At night we don’t hear them (sound asleep and you get used to them) but one does need to stop talking when they pass. 🙂


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