Squeeze ‘em in

You have no idea how happy I am that we got here early!  By “here,” I mean to Ham Lake Campground nearly Minneapolis.  In the first place, after you get here you read in their ‘rules’ that late check-ins are not allowed. And while the print date on their rules is 2005 and several of the ‘rules’ are no longer rules I can see why they don’t want people arriving in the middle of the night.  The turn, off the highway, is so small onto a sandy gravel road that it would be easy to miss.  And the entrance road itself — which looks beautiful in the featured photo above — is really quite narrow and encroached upon by trees — I can see roof damage in the night if someone wasn’t careful.

But back to my story…

When we arrived on Wednesday I was delighted that the host behind the desk took so much effort to arrange for us not to have to move sites during our stay because we decided late to extend our visit here.  That was so nice of her.

Yesterday, Thursday, a Hemi Doge pickup pulled into the site we were supposed to have had for 4 nights Wed/Thurs and Sun/Mon.  Frankly when I saw her struggle getting in there — with a shorter pull-behind trailer — I was thinking of what all the torquing on the frame of our much longer 40 footer would have done — and the fact that getting back out of that site in a 40’ coach would have been even more difficult.

Getting places early (in the day) and staying late (like the next day) can really save a lot of hassle.  So many campgrounds are chockablock full on weekends.  Arriving on a Thursday or even a Wednesday, and staying over until a Monday rather than leaving during the busy weekender-go-home-day makes life a lot easier.

I won’t feel too guilty about the change in sites however.

lovely view out our lounge window

lovely view out our lounge window

The family that are in that other site have a ST BERNARD DOG!  In their current site they are closer to the lily pad covered mini-lake and the dog (and kids) are able to romp in the water much easier than if they were higher on the hill where we are.

In fact we had a good laugh last night watching them try to wash/scrub down that dog after he got all muddy romping in that lily pad covered lake!  Boy did he get muddy!  And boy did he not care for a bath and shampoo!  He did, however, like the grooming comb and laid down peaceably in the goose poop dotting the grass to take full advantage of that detangling and de-burring comb.  I guess that was his reward for enduring the wash job!

Today, Friday, we get to see the family and chill a little.  Sounds good to me!  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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