And Now You Know the Rest of the Story (make that SUMMER)…

I love being able to change plans at a moment’s notice and pretend that there is no script to this life of ours.  Ham Lake can take us for 7 days, adding four to our original reservation, but we would have to move sites twice during that 7 days.  Hmmm…. Not worth the effort I think.  We will stay at Ham Lake for 5 days, and move once.   As I mentioned yesterday there are available sites at Grand River Recreation Area so I rechecked the availability to see if we could still get in there two days earlier (because we would be leaving MPLS 2 days earlier) and that worked out just fine.  And we save 250 miles (I just looked it up to be sure.  A much better plan!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.17.30 AM

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If you’ve ever been in or around Otter Tail County in Minnesota you may have seen the billboards for  For the fun of it I looked it up and this is the kind of otter I am!

Cute, eh?

And Now You Know the Rest of the Story…

So, here’s the plan.  It was fashioned when we were still in S. Texas, otherwise we would have routed ourselves a lot differently,  but this time of year it’s impossible to change the stays at Wisconsin State Parks and that’s ok — for the next 103 days we average under 10 miles per day.Our Summer

When we were coming up from Texas the idea was to start at Thomson Causeway and work our way North as far as Interstate Park, and then zip back to Wisconsin for our annual physicals.   Now we have to get back SOUTH to Thomson Causeway to begin our trip so it looks a bit odd, down, up, down again.  But it made sense at the time and we’ll have fun either way.

This summer gives us time to see the Grandkid, and our daughter and son-in-law.  We’re also revisiting familiar sites and checking out a couple new ones.

Ham Lake Campground

We have never camped near Minneapolis before and one of the folks at suggested this as a stopping point for us.  I’m glad we took them up on the idea.  The staff are really friendly, in fact we made a reservation some weeks ago and when we wanted to add days on both ends of our stay it looked like we might need to change sites twice! But the staff got on the ball and found a way to switch campers around before they arrived and now we get to spend the whole 6 nights in one spot. 🙂

It’s a lovely setting, and considering how close it is to the Twin Cities the $35.00 fee is reasonable.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “And Now You Know the Rest of the Story (make that SUMMER)…

  1. I’d never heard of Ham Lake campground. We need to check it out sometime when we will be going to Scandia anyway. It might come in handy to know about a campground on that side of town.

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    1. Linda,

      It’s a nice place. Some of the sites are a bit tight. Some of the sites are on turf and this morning our jack blocks had sunk down about 2” — so one might be cautious about where they set up, but nice people, a petting zoo for the kids, and decent rates for that close to a major city. >


    1. It’s not such an odd name. It’s adjacent to Ham Lake. I don’t think it has anything to do with pigs, but who knows, maybe in the distant past there was an abattoir in the area?


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