Short Day – Easy Peasy

With 550 miles to our weekend destination near Minneapolis, Tuesday’s jaunt is going to be just enough to fill the day:  Medora, ND to Fergus Falls, MN. June 16 We had a great, sunny day for touring the park, now on our travel day we get rain and overcast — I’ll take that trade off any day!

We’ll fuel up today, and maybe once next week — and that will probably be the last fuel we take on board until September.  We aren’t moving far from campsite to campsite for the rest of the summer.

Also, when we made tentative plans for this trip we thought we were going to be arriving in Minneapolis from the South, not from the NW.  Anticipating that we made reservations at Rathbun Lake (USACOE) to pick up the slack before Thomson Causeway (USACOE).  Now, that is quite a bit out of the way.  I’ll call today and see if we can extend our stay at Ham Lake to 1 full week.  And if so, I see that Grant River (another USACOE) has availability for the gap — so I’ll try to reserve there later in the day (when I’m sure we can extend at Ham Lake) That will save us at least 150 miles and at $0.50 per mile (my standard “quick travel cost” estimate) that will save us at least $75.00.

Vehicle-Operating-CostsSome have suggested that I need to refigure my travel cost estimate.  We haven’t been seeing fuel at $4.00 any more and we pretty reliably get 8 mpg,  but fuel isn’t the only cost you incur while driving,  there are lube and maintenance costs, tire wear, etc., so even $0.50 per mile is still actually cheaper than the real number and there’s no sense fooling yourself!  The number is more an indication of immediate-out-of-pocket costs than anything else — helping me stay on budget.

Thanks for stopping by,  I’ll talk with you tomorrow!

LATE UPDATE: Our little rain turned into drizzle all the way across.  Not horrible but more than tiring.  What I really want to know is how can a storm move West to East — while at the same time the WIND is blowing East to West?  Just doesn’t’ make sense to me — and it shot the heck out of our fuel mileage for the day.  Grrrr.


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