Itching to get a move on…

It’s Friday;  the doc said to give the ankle at least three days with elevation and no weight, and then couple more with partial weight — as much as could be done comfortably.  And so it came to pass….

This story isn’t anything on a biblical scale, but it is time to get moving!   I’m feeling much better, and tempis fugit and waits for no man.

Today’s ‘projects’ as mild as they may be are to do another flush & dump of the blackwater tank, and to hook up the CR-V so that tomorrow we have less to do and I don’t have to be out romping around on my ankle quite so long.

Dump & Flush

Like a lot of RV’s the sensors on our holding tanks sometimes get fooled as to the actual content of the tanks because there’s paper and ‘stuff’ adhered to the inside of the tank.  From time to time I try to ease that situation by flushing the black tank and dumping — sometimes more than once
20150612083958032015061208402405There is no need to filter the water I’m using to flushing the tanks, so I always attach a Y-valve to the water supply so that I can keep my city water hose connected while I’m flushing — either to fill the fresh water tank, or to stay connected to city water.

Many RV’s come equipped with a black water flush system, you can see ours to the right of this second photo,  the one with the blue stripe on the hose.  Where it attaches to the fitting there is a pressure regulator & a back check valve to prevent any water from backing up out of the flush system into the fill hose.  I do not mix hoses here — that hose is always used for flushing — but I still don’t want water coming back out of that fitting.

Toad Hookup

Drop ReceiverWe are able to use the same parts for our Toad hookup with Serendipity as we did with Journey. Part of that setup includes what’s called a drop receiver.  Journey sat LOW  enough that the hitch receiver on the back of the coach was too low for our CR-V — you always want the tow points on the car to be LOWER than the tow point on the RV.  Reversing that situation could cause the car to overshoot the receiver in an emergency braking situation where the car would sort of catapult UP and over the receiver and end up impacting (in our case) the radiator.  Not Good.

I’ve been looking at other Ambassadors and even though I checked it in Florence when we brought the new coach to our site on the Forest, I’m wondering whether we really need that drop receiver now.  This coach sits higher than the other and while I’m outside later today I want to try measuring again — on a flatter surface.  The last time I measured I was on wood chips.  Being slightly too HIGH is fine.  But that drop receiver also adds about 1 foot to our over all length and there are times that 1 foot could be important.  🙂

Heading ‘home’

Saturday will be a few extra miles (I think) than the rest of our travel days back to Minneapolis.  I want to pull into Ham Lake earlier than next Friday. Saturday’s travel leg strikes me as a good time to put on a few extra miles — ending the day at one of our better stopovers from last year’s mad dash to Wisconsin. It’s also lower in elevation than some of the other places along the route — and that also appeals to me.  We’ll still be 1600’ higher than we are now, but not the 3300’ higher  that we would be if we stopped at Henry’s Lake State Park.

We hope to be on the road by 8 a.m. tomorrow and into Bozeman by 6 p.m. — depending on how many times we stop to gawk.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Itching to get a move on…

  1. I can’t make sense of your schedule. You’re coming to Minneapolis for Father’s Day but arriving Friday and leaving Saturday?


  2. I was hoping to get a chance to meet you. Dave has an event in Scandia (an hour’s drive from us) Friday with an early dinner at The Log Cabin in Forest lake. I was thinking I might tag along if you could come meet me but Dave says he thinks the car pool is already full. Oh well. Having just arrived then you’ll probably be busy with family anyway. Sometimes thinking about it is a far as my planning goes.


    1. Linda,

      Where are you in the area?

      We are at Ham Lake today through MONDAY.

      We have no plans on Friday till 4pm in MPLS. Sunday after probably 2 we’ll be free and we could possibly just drive to wherever you are depending on where that is.

      It would be nice to meet for a cuppa and conversation.

      Peter / 414 708 0593

      > >


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