Ouchy, Ouch, Ouch!

2015060815234010Well, our Life Unscripted strikes again!  Sunday after pulling into our ‘overnight’ stop at Mountain View RV Park I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and next thing I knew I was on the ground looking up!

After a minute of recovery:  like… duh…. what happened? I stood up — or should I say, I tried to stand up.  OUCH!

Did I Break something?  Or Spring something?  All I knew at the time was that my right foot hurt like a son-of-a-gun!  I hobbled home (100 yards to Serendipity) and put ice packs on it (in the form of bags of frozen brussels sprouts), elevated the ankle and lay there in agony.  Mountain home is a SMALL town, and I couldn’t find a clinic open on Sunday (the next morning I found I could have gone to the Medical Center where I ended up on Monday). Not much sleep Sunday night

2015060815233304First thing Monday morning we took off for the Elmore Medical Center (right here in town) where we were treated, X-rayed, and had a few good laughs with the wonderful medical crew that attended to us.  After we got done with X-rays (while we were waiting on them to be read) we were peppered with questions about how we could afford to RV — interesting, sincere questions by people who clearly felt confined in this small town.  But we ended up laughing and having a good time with half a dozen of the staff.  I love the people we meet, but I felt so sorry for the woman in the bed next to us who was vomiting and in serious despair — and had brought her two kids along with her to the emergency room.  It’s been 4 years since my last visit to an emergency room (when Michael broke his foot).  I’m thankful for reasonably good health and I  realize at times like this how truly fortunate we have been.

Turns out it’s ‘just’ a bad sprain — nothing broken — thank heaven!  Of course a bad sprain can be a killer to heal because guys (mostly) can’t stand sitting around with their feet up, without putting any weight on the injury, for at least 3 days, and then only partial weight for more day.   At least with a broken arm, they put it in a cast and you sort of go on with living — just feeling al little clumsy.

Not so with crutches in an RV!  There is no room in a coach for crutches.  I’m not practiced using crutches.  Climbing 5 steps with crutches is an absurd humiliation much better avoided by putting the crutches aside and walking up the stairs backwards on your butt!  I’m having a fun time with all of this because it’s just hilarious.  We go thorugh life thinking we’re the cat’s meow and then something like this happens and you realize you aren’t much different from a little kid trying to learn how to walk.  Besides,  why not laugh at life’s falls and breaks — it’s so much easier than getting all pent up and ornery!

During a week when we are due for temps as high as 98º, and hitting 94º today we had planned the next few days so as to avoid the even higher temps in Eastern OR and Northern ID.  That said, we are not spending a total of 6 nights here and it’s getting hotter.  The A/C’s are cranking, I’m trying not to be bored, and Peg’s trying not to burn supper!  She really only cooks when I’m ill and aside from this last year I’m not sick all that often — so she’s honing her skills afresh.

The idea of walking on a painful ankle suggested that our plan for only 2 nights here and 5 nights near Yellowstone was due for a change.  I cancelled the Henry’s Lake State Park reservations and we extended here until the coming Saturday — not our preference, but the best medical plan.  So, if we are to make it to Minneapolis for Father’s day we’ll postpone our planned visit to Yellowstone N.P. and do that some other time.  We’ll have Saturday to Friday to make the trip to Minneapolis — a reasonable trip if we drive a little each day.

With the need to stay off my ankle as much as possible I think we’ll probably stay with Uncle Wally more than I would have preferred but that way we aren’t opening slides and such and it’s a less demanding (and more boring) way to travel.

Not a bad view for a roadside breakfast.

Not a bad view for a roadside breakfast.

So, there you have it.  I was really excited about Yellowstone and now we aren’t going.  Such is life.  But life is still better in our RV than  in Sticks & Bricks so who cares.  We can see Yellowstone some other time.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

P.S.:  I wanted to include this shot from OR-126 on our way out of Oregon.  We stopped for breakfast right here.  What a great view — couldn’t help think of that poem I had to memorize in high school — the prelude to Evangeline: “The Murmuring Pines and the Hemlock.”


19 thoughts on “Ouchy, Ouch, Ouch!

  1. I laughed and winced at the same time. Hopefully by now you are able to do a little lite walking. Your post remind me of how I felt when I had chicken pox and couldn’t go out and play. Heal fast…Father’s Day is just around the corner. 😀

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    1. CHICKEN POX — I read all of Gone with the Wind when I was in Jr High while sick in bed with Chicken Pox. I loved the part about the mammy sewing filler in Scarlet’s corset! You can tell how young I was!
      Doin’ fine. 5 days off my foot helped a lot!

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  2. I can feel your pain! Just last month we were in Two Harbors, MN walking on a paved path when I cought the toe of my shoe on a raised crack and down I went! Oh,I was so embarrassed! Couldn’t get up on my own because my hands and right arm hurt so much. Back to the rig iced it up and whined like the dickens! Didn’t go to the ER until the next day AFTER we had been to Split Rock Lighthouse!
    Found out that I’d sprained the left wrist and cracked the right femur near the elbow! Thank goodness no cast just more icing,a sling and wait it out. Rick took over any thing I couldn’t do (and that was a lot at first) but it is slowly getting better.
    So we are still on the trail of the lighthouses on the Great Lakes and right now we are at Cliffside Park near Racine! Yesterday we were in Milwaukee! Had been hoping our paths might cross but can understand now that it is not meant to be. So take care of yourself and let others do for you and STAY OFF that foot! Maybe in a day or two you can practice hopping!

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    1. Hi Karen, I feel your pain — literally.

      Sounds like a fun trip — seeing the lighthouses! Did you see the one at Wind Point?

      We won’t be back in MKE until September, but please if it looks like we are nearby in the future, please contact me so we can try to meet for a cuppa or something. 🙂


      1. A cuppa sounds like a good idea. Will definitely stay in touch. We will see Wind Point this week. We are sad that the light won’t be open for tours again until after we leave the area. But we can still walk the grounds and take pictures. If you’re interested I’ve included our blog address below.
        So take care of yourself and safe travels.

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  3. Bummer! It’s your accelerator foot, too, so you can’t push pedals to keep moving. Must be time for a break–travel break not bone break, please.

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    1. At least I didn’t have to wear a cast! Fortunately, with mostly highway miles for the near future the accelerator pedal’s not as much an issue as reaching the Cruise Control button on the console!!!!!! 🙂 I’m fine. Just like to whine on occasion.


  4. I’ll have to pray a little harder. I do hope you’re up and about quickly. The metal crutches are nicer than the old wooden ones, but they’re still a nuisance, like you said, on steps and narrow aisles. My husband had to use crutches a while back; that lasted 1 day.
    I need a cane on occasion and I have 3, but hardly use them. I find them a nuisance. I’ll use my 6′ walking stick in the back yard, but the other 2 rarely see the light of day.

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    1. You have more experience of waling utensils than I! Fortunately whatever I sprained allows me to put most of my weight on my heel and hobble along on that without flexing my foot without much pain. So I’m managing quite nicely. Thanks for the prayers! They mean a lot.


  5. So sorry about your accident! Goodness. I hope you’re “back on your feet” soon and healed well. I’m sure it’s rough navigating the stairs right now. Praying for your speedy healing.

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  6. Peter, so sorry about your ankle. We know all about “unscripted” stuff. It’s kept us a little behind on our getaway plan — as in escaping for months, years, decades, etc. Not that we have decades left, but you catch my drift. Mike and I have read your blog before and enjoyed it, but got distracted. So I am now a follower so I can keep up with your adventures. By the way, back in about ’93 I slipped off an RV step and broke my ankle in three places. I was on my back with leg elevated for several weeks. After that it was crutches for a long time, but since I’ve always been somewhat of a hyper little monkey, I swung along quite nicely. Even enjoyed the adventure of it. Not in the RV of course. I did some of that backward crawling myself. Then I began walking five miles a day on the beach to build up my ankle. I’m so out of shape now I’m lucky if I can walk to the mailbox. But hopefully when we get out into the “wild” I can start walking more again. And, again, we enjoy reading your posts. Maybe now I can keep up. Blessings.


    1. Hi Linda! Welcome to our Life Unscripted!

      I’m recuperating just fine. As I write this the blog is actually a couple days behind and I’m doing better than it may sound in the most recent article. But such are the ways of blog writers. 🙂

      Sorry to hear about your delayed plans; life has it’s own sense of humor and sometimes it seems as if it delights in taunting us. I know I felt that way at times in my earlier life. But what can you do….

      A fall on an RV step. Now that sounds scary! Before we bought this coach, the day we were looking at it, a dealer salmon fell out of THIS coach, on a wet step. After watching HIM do it, I went and did the same. No damage other than hurt pride. But since then I have been particularly careful on days when I come IN from outside with WET SOLES.

      Ya know, the thing about crutches is…. they show you show coordinated or not- you might be. I find crutches to be exasperating, but then I didn’t use them long — just two days and then switched to a cane — with which I developed a much better relationship. The particular sprain I have I can flex my ankle UP so as to put all my weight on my heel and feel no pain at all. But as soon as I flatten it out … YIKES! So the cane and I were and are getting on nicely.

      This weekend our grand-kid’s BoyFriend wants us all to go to a museum here in MPLS — so the cane is going to be my BEST FREIND.

      I feel for you on the ‘so out of shape.’ I need to do more walking. As the foot gets better and now that we are in place for the summer with only short hops every couple weeks I’ll do better about getting some walking in.

      Of course, FL is a lovely place for walking. NO mountains. Nice flat land. 🙂

      Talk to you soon,


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