Eastward Rolls the Coach

It’s Saturday morning, we both slept pretty well (not always the case the night before we start a trip) and the sun is shining.  Last minute weather checks confirm our choice for a more southerly route and last night I succeeded in finding us a campsite reservation within comfortable striking distance to Yellowstone N.P. — where we’ll be spending 5 nights.  So, the metaphorical stars are aligning and we’re feeling good.

It was funny that we no more than posted a message to our daughter  than she called to tell us that “You may be ready to leave Oregon but maybe you shouldn’t — because in your mail you got a recall notice from Norcold telling you to immediately shut off your refrigerator”  She sent us a photo of the recall notice and it turns out the recall is the same big one dealing with over heating — and as we had our cooling core replaced last year we are already modified.  Some day I should call Norcold and tell them we’re ‘recalled’ and they can stop reminding us.

For about 30 seconds there was a little panic, it being just after the shop closed on a Friday evening.  🙂

I’ll use more Safeway fuel credits to take on enough fuel to get us to Ontario OR where the fuel is cheaper — then I’ll top off the tanks there so we have enough to get us to Bozeman MT.

June 6Today we are heading as far as Riley OR or Burns OR.  There are RV parks in both locations and we’ll just see which appeals enough to stop for the night.  Tonight won’t be critical about having power — but tomorrow night it will be a greater issue and we plan on being in Mountain Home where we stopped on the way Westward — there’s a nice park there and with temps in the 90’s we’ll be able to keep our A/C humming along nicely.

We’ll see the last of the Oregon mountains today.  On the way West we took US-20 over the hills, today we’ll return on OR Highway 126 for an easier run and a change in scenery.  Yee Haw!

Water Filters

Everpure-Complete-Wtr-Sys-EV925205_300px(opujd4)To finish up on our repairs stories, I’m really happy to have our Everpure filter installed.  The dealer did a great job of making the installation in a tough location.  And he managed to make it easy to reach, to change the filter, and out of the way enough that we aren’t always jostling it when using the space under the sink.2015060516003908

It looks cluttered — but putting more things into already tight places is going to look cluttered. The good part is that it functions as designed.  The filter kit comes with an antifreeze bypass so that you don’t have to fill a filter full of antifreeze (for those who winterize) and after having tasted two different styles of filters we like this best.



Our preliminary filter

Like many RV’ers we filter everything before it ever enters our tank.  We use the Camco (or equivalent) KDF/charcoal filter that comes in that innocuous blue housing.


the Culligan ‘type’ whole house filter canister

We have seen a lot of people using the culligan type paper filter in a much larger canister. These filter only for sediment and when we were on the Forest in Florence we used one of those in addition and we would plug those filters up in about 3 months because there was so much sedimentary iron in the water.

For DRINKING water we run the onboard / or city water through the Everpure.  There is so much difference between the way water tastes in so many parts of the country that for us the expense is minimal for the pleasure of drinking water we like.

And there you have another Life Unscripted day…. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow from…. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Eastward Rolls the Coach

  1. Safe travels, my friend. Say, when you get to Yellowstone on the off chance you might bump into a fellow blogger/photographer named Russ Taylor…tell him I said hello. I think you’d like him! And tell him that I’d love to see a picture of you and Peg from Yellowstone (hint, hint).

    Here is a link to his blog, he’s working as a Ranger in Yellowstone over the next few months. http://nomadruss.me/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mrs P — Thus far the travels have been safe — if you discount the badly sprained ankle that I wrote about but won’t publish for a day or so. We’re holed up in Mountain Home where I’m giving the ankle a chance to heal — and that pretty much voided our hopes of doing Yellowstone. Not as much fun this way, but probably the smarter choice. We’ll have to find some pretty place to get a picture of the both of us together again.
      Nice photos from Nomad Russ!!!!!


      1. 😦 on the ankle. Rick and I had to postpone our NYC trip because of his knees. I am sure you will pass many places that would provide great photo ops…Yo do take very nice photos together.


      2. Hey, it’s life and things like this happen to us all. And I see I’m in good company! 🙂

        At least we don’t HAVE to make the trip in 4 days. Not sure we’ll take too many more, heck, we’re only 1400 miles from here. But we’ll have FUN!

        Maybe not fun, fun, fun since daddy took the T-Bird away…. but still we’ll have a good time — we always do.


        Liked by 1 person

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