In The Shop: day 3

We’re down to the last two items to be fixed.

One is an extended service repair, (there was another extended service warranty repair but that’s finished already), the other is a personal preference improvement.  I am afraid to look at the repair bill when I see it but that’s the cost of RV’ing (But the insurance paid $1100.00 of the bill — the rest of which I haven’t seen yet) : if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself you have to pay someone;  if you pay someone you can pick any shop and hope they know what they are doing, or you can go to one you trust to do the job correctly.  Over the last three years we’ve  done all of the options about an even number of times. And perhaps part of the choice focusses on what you feel comfortable doing.  After all, there’s no right way to RV!

We have had some water issues since we got Serendipity: in particular leaks, hose issues, and water quality.  Among the projects I had our dealer tackle were addition of another multis-peed reversing 2015060417483793Fantastic fan — replacing the cheap, barely functional exhaust fan that was in the coach when we took delivery.  Putting a MaxAir vent cover above that allows us to keep the fan lid open even in the rain.  All three of our fans are now covered.  The new water filter should be installed on Friday — along with the replacement side view camera (under warranty).  And, it looks like the leaks have been solved — of course with an RV you never know — things are always moving and shaking and what’s a better way to loosen things up than…. you guessed it, moving and shaking!

We also have a new toilet now.  We’ve both been unhappy about the short toilet height of the one we had and once we had seal leaks and a bad seal it became apparent that if I wanted a dealer to do the repair that I could afford to replace the entire toilet for about the same price as rebuilding it (with parts and their pricey labor).  So, it came to pass in a village far, far away that a Dometic 320 porcelain gravity toilet has come to live in our coach.  20150604174816100

First impressions are very positive.  I love the added height!  (So does much shorter Peggy — in fact she was the one to first complain about the low height of the old one) The foot pedal is on the other side — something to get used to.  But the biggest improvement is the new foot pedal operation.  Instead of push-down-to-flush & pull-up-to-add-water-to-the-bowl, the new toilet is only push down.  Push slightly and the bowl fills.  Push further and the toilet flushes.  Much simpler and easier to do with your feet.


For the second morning we went to the Viking Restaurant for breakfast.  With techs getting to work early and us having not a lot to do having breakfast out sounded like a good idea.  I had looked this place up on TripAdvisor and the reviews weren’t all that great.  But sometimes I want to make up my own mind and I have to tell you that in two visits we tried four different breakfast dishes and every one of them was tasty, well prepared, and ample in size.2015060407384892  To make my point, here are my pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  I have a hearty appetite and I have to say I had a hard time finishing my meal.

The city of Junction City hosts a Scandinavian festival every year.   There is clearly a lot of scandinavian blood to be found in this town — just look around —  and with vikings and memorabilia on the walls and in wall cabinets I could see they were proud of their heritage at this resto.  (or at least someone was)  We just missed the festival last year, and we’re a couple months too early this year.

I called ahead to Sisters on Thursday — curious to see if they had hookup sites available for the weekend but they are booked.  That’s only 120 miles from Junction City but if we head across the central part of the state that puts us in a good place for the drive across the empty lands of Central Oregon.  I’m waiting to decide how soon to leave and which route to take.  Maybe by tonight we’ll be out of the shop….

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “In The Shop: day 3

    1. I have been having pancake cravings lately. Not sure what that says about my metabolism, or what my body thinks I need — surely not more carbs!

      For some reason though, pancakes have always been comfort food.



  1. Glad the repairs and upgrades are coming along nicely, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy having that off your plate going forward. We spent a good part of the weekend working on our motorhome, as we fall in the “do it yourself” realm most of the time. Very glad that I have a “handyman” husband, or this would be a very expensive proposition, especially on an RV as old as ours is. Got a lot done, and like you, will be glad to have those items checked off our to-do list, finally. Just wish we had a road trip planned now!


    1. We are too. (glad that is)

      Some things I don’t tackle even if I have the skill — but because I can’t physicallly get into, at, around the problem. I need to lose some weight! I really do. I don’t double over very well anymore.

      Our coach is 11 years old now. So, age related maintenance is a real thing. Some of the ‘repairs’ were age related (2 spots on the roof where sealant was getting old and needed to be scraped and reapplied). Other things were niceties — like changing out our water filter, fixing the toilet, etc..

      Some things I think I’ll do more the more I know the new coach. > >


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