All things come to those who wait, and wait, and wait…

I’m just having fun with that title, teasing about how long we’ve been waiting. The miscommunication was honest, and we’ve been having a ball here — so the fact that we’ve been here a month isn’t an ‘problem’ for us at all.  However, it’s still a good thing to get the coach in the shop!  We had the coach dumped and driven down the 1/2 mile to the shop by 8 a.m., just waiting on the staff to show up.

I signed off on the work to be done and it’s wait and mooch off their wifi for however long it takes to finish the work — probably 2 days if all the parts are easily available. Like many good RV shops we should be able to sleep in the coach tonight, it’s plugged in to keep our fridge cold, and they had it moved into a bay within 15 minutes of my signing off.   If we aren’t done in 2 days, we can afford to wait a few days for unexpected parts if need be, before heading East.

For some reason I’m fussing about which route to take Eastbound.  Usually the route appears by magic as soon as I pick up a map.  But,  once in a while this happens when I’ve been most of the routes many times before and can’t decide which one I want to re-visit.  Last year when we headed to Wisconsin from here we only had 5 days for the trip.  That trip was a lesser of multiple evils circumstance that put us into a time crunch, and we opted for the flat-out quickest route.

This year we have upwards of 2 weeks to travel 2000 miles; I don’t need to repeat that 500 miles a day pace.  (Whew!  My butt still hurts from that trip.  Glad for the time to poke along.)


I expect we’ll be stopping at Clearwater Casino in Lewiston — unless something changes. 🙂

We have never stayed at a casino.  So with multiple options in front of us I want to see what that might be like.  We aren’t gamblers, but large parking lots and RV friendly people are always welcome in my book.

COEThere are a few CORPS (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) campgrounds scattered along our route.  A couple of them I have ruled out as not having sites long enough for us, or being completely booked.  That might change but that will be a last minute decision.


Theodore Roosevelt NP / South

We have never been to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND and if possible I’d like to stop.  Also, I’ve run I-90 & US-2 across ND but have not seen much else in ND,  so some off the beaten path travel might be in the cards.

Large wooden "Yellowstone National Park" sign at the North Entrance; RG Johnsson; 1963

Large wooden “Yellowstone National Park” sign at the North Entrance

The latest Facebook Yellowstone NP updates have talked of snow and fog.  We had thought about driving to Mammoth Hot Springs on speculation that we could find a site — but with the weather as it is, and the fact that the campground is often full by 11 am, and the fact that it’s at 6000+ feet we may just pass on that. After our problems with elevation this spring we may not want to do that again (then again the ‘problems’ with elevation could have been exacerbated by the flu we were suffering, and elevation may be irrelevant.)  The weather forecast the night before will determine our route at that point.

Volunteering & Healthcare

volunteer.govI’ve been cruising the openings at again.  Now that we are committed to the Winter at Bosque del Apache NWR  I’m getting the urge to do more volunteering.  But how much we want to do will impact the bigger question of whether we want to change our Medicare supplemental plan.  Right now we are on a Medicare HMO plan (which I don’t think we realized when we signed up for it a year ago) The problem with that is that (for us) it that assumes you are going to go to the same physician all the time — someone near you.MedicareCard2Detail

When you look at the time requirements for a lot of the volunteer gigs they want people for a specific number of months — for example the entire summer camping season.  Right now we plan annual physicals in September so as to be out of the North before the snow flies — but a lot of volunteer gigs want you on site longer than the end of August.

The net result of this is that we are reconsidering how we view a year, and whether September will continue being a month-in-Wisconsin — meaning travel time to and from on either side — which would not coincide with what a majority of gigs expect.  I’m not sure what we’ll decide about that.  Maybe 1 gig a yea, or… well, we’ll just have to see.

That’s about it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “All things come to those who wait, and wait, and wait…

  1. Though we didnt get to spend a lot of time there, we enjoyed Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We definitely would like to go back and explore it more. I dont recall there being very many people there, Peter.

    With so many people being mobile in retirement (and in their careers), it would be nice if there was a national chain of ‘Physicals Anywhere’ clinics…similar to Aspen Dental. So often a physical is just a ‘rubber stamp’ anyway; real problems are often noticed first by our spouses or ourselves.


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    1. Jim, looks like we may not get to TR NP after all. I found us a campsite in Henrys Lake SP near Yellowstone and we’ll spend some time there and then cut across the northern half of S.D. We’ll eventually get to TRNP but in an effort to avoid the 100+ temps across the Washington desert we opted for a backup plan — and leave today (even though my blog is written a few days ahead)

      I’m fully with you on the physicals anywhere idea! There’s your retirement project! You could make a million bucks on that idea — and that’s without even defrauding Medicare! Seeing as that’s been in the news lately where we are.
      Gonna feel good to get the wheels turning again.

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