Feeling a little oriental

Saturday we were out shopping and someone (Peggy) got a brilliant idea.  Sunday we had to act on it. The impetus being the lack of sales tax in Oregon.  With time running down on our stay in Oregon I’m rethinking whether there are any other purchases I want to make before moving back to states with sales tax.

img_0172-e1433167949960I don’t know if you are an aficionado of home improvement stores but one of the products out there are decal-sort-of sheets of vinyl with patterns imprinted that can be affixed to windows to make them look like:  cathedral stained glass, wisteria blossoms, and almost any kind of art your can imagine.

Rice PaperIn our case it was Artscape that caught our attention and at Jerry’s Home Improvement Center we found they made a pattern called Rice Paper.  All of a sudden the wheels got to turning and lights went off.

No RV is perfect and as much as we love Serendipity that glass wall/door between the bedroom and bathroom lets in a lot of light in the middle of the night if someone gets up and absolutely has to turn on the light.  Also, when our daughter came to visit we realize that our curtains on the windows don’t to a lot to provide privacy for her if we should happen to be in the bedroom while she’s in the bathroom/shower.  Applying the rice paper window film seemed the perfect solution!

Two rolls of 12” x 83” were just enough (plus about 14” to spare) to do both the door and the wall.  The material also comes in other sizes (like 24” x 36”) but this was easier to use and is designed to be used in the side lites  next to an entry door.  It’s easy enough to apply — about the same as applying a screen protector on your smartphone — except that its a lot bigger. Cut your piece to size, spray the window with Windex or other window cleaner, apply the film, and squeegee the water out from under the film.  Voila!  You’re done.

In my case ‘voila’ took a little longer.

Getting down on the floor for each window, applying the applique, and getting up after each window in cramped quarters is not as easy as it once was, but hey, we got them done!

I’ve also committed to a couple other projects while we were at Jerry’s — more about them as I get around to them.

Connectivity Headache

I’ve been wrestling with the problem of what to do with / about my onboard computer set up.  I’ve seen a lot of discussion on Facebook and at RVillage.com, and from Technomadia about setting up your own network and how to get the best cellular service on the road — and to be honest all of the technical stuff leaves me reeling.

I have been using two generation II Apple Time Machines to back up my laptop and the little Mac Mini that I use as a server.  I’m getting to the point that there’s more data there than I have room to back up and have considered upgrading my Time Machines.

But after reading stuff from Technomadia I have realized that it’s possible to bring my Verizon data together with in-park WiFi to create a more secure private network and I want to get there — but the route to greater security is fraught with pitfalls and I haven’t found my own route yet.  I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent on this — but I think today I’m going to the one and only Mac Specialist in Eugene to see if I can get some advice and/or products.


We Boost makes cell phone signal boosters

I have been looking at the WiFi Ranger products and they are great.  I’m also looking at WEBoost’s new generation of cell signal boosters and it would be nice if I could reach a decision in a state that doesn’t collect sales tax.  Not sure I want to wait on this for 1 whole year until we’re back, but I’ll probably give in and pop for the tax rather than wait.  I’ve never been good about waiting for things.

WiFi Ranger Products

Wifi Ranger specializes in WIFI boosting and networking

But, as can often be the case, a guys’ yearning for more toys can be limited by their budget and I need to move along this route slowly and do it right.  (big sigh)

I’m quite happy with the performance of the two new iPhones!  There are little changes that I don’t like — but then that’s always the case when someone ‘improves something,’ meaning that they changed if from what one is accustomed to!  But over all they are so vastly improved over my 4 year old phone that it’s hard to believe.

One of the most surprising changes is the new camera in my iPhone.  It really does do a nice job and fixes some of the problems I had with the old one’s images.

On the negative side, a iPhone Plus is too large to easily hold for a selfie — somehow my fingers and the buttons don’t arrive at the same place at the same time.  Practice makes perfect.  Ah, but a person only needs so many selfies.  Right, Kim Kardashian (and half the so-called celebrities out there today)?

Last night we bought enough groceries to get another $0.10 discount on our Safeway card, and then topped off.  In the next few days before we leave Junction City we’ll fill up the fridge and use whatever credits we accumulate to top off the diesel tank — I noticed that at the moment the price here is $2.77 before discount.  Not as nice as the $2.25 we were paying in S. Texas during the winter.

Tomorrow we’ll do our night-before prep for moving so that on Wednesday we are ready to retract slides, raise jacks, dump tanks and move over to the service bays.  It sounds like we’re on schedule for our appointment without further snags.  YaY!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Feeling a little oriental

  1. Would love to see finished photos of your door project. That sounds interesting. Our good friends have their own business, and they also have an RV now. They are limited to traveling during the week to areas that have at least some cell signal available for business reasons, and they use something called a Mifi. Their carrier is AT&T, so I don’t know if that is something specific to that company or not. I know it works well for them, and I don’t think it was too expensive. They are pretty tech savvy these days now that they are wanting to travel more but still be able to run the business, too. They just got back from Kauai, and it worked great for them there, too. Might be something to check into? I can ask her more about it sometime, too.

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    1. That featured photo IS of the finished project — it looks as of a couple of the panes to the right are not done but that’s because the curtain on the other side of the glass makes it look darker there.

      AT&T & Verizon (and I suppose the rest of them too) have little data boxes about 3″ x 4 “ x 3/4” that pick up their data and voice signals for use by devices like laptops that don’t have their own receivers. That’s what I use — as well as mooching off dealers, McDonalds, and any place that offers free WiFi — which is not very often.

      So, I HAVE the box — but what I’m looking to do is a little more sophisticated. I currently have the MiFi network and an in-coach wireless network — I’m looking for a way to link both of those together into one so that we and visitors to Serendipity can log on to one network and have access to both, instead of switching back and forth, or having to be wirelessly connected to one and Ethernet-ed to the other. It’s possible and the good folks at Technomadia do it as do many other — I’m just looking for a solution that addresses issues have that may not be as important to . We’ll get it figured out over time.

      “If there were no questions needing solutions life would be boring” – Peter


  2. Hey, Peter! I figured out the selfie issue! You can push either volume button on the side to take the photo. I never knew that! Much easier to hold onto that way. Also, are you aware that the phone has camera lenses on both faces? Just checking, as it makes selfies a lot easier.



    1. Oh dear. I should have told you about both of those! They have been iPhone features since before my iPhone 4

      The thing is that the phone is designed for RIGHT handed people, not lefties! And I always feel backwards when I’m trying to take a picture of Peg and I at arms length! Her arms aren’t long enough. Have you tried the self-timer feature yet? 3 Seconds or 10 Seconds — not sure how to make the phone stand UP for that long. No hole for a tripod attachment. And I think the timer only works in forward photos, not backwards (selfies) The lens is much clearer and the focus is much faster and more reliable too.

      > >


      1. I knew about the two way lenses, but not the shutter button. The photos really are amazing; probably 1/2 my blog photos are from the iPhone. I see what you mean about lefties. It would be tough to hit the shutter button with your thumb. I haven’t tried the timer, but I will shortly. Does your Otterbox case have a belt clip? My Otterbox Defender’s clip snaps open and doubles as a support, which can be used for horizontal photos…now what I know about the timer! Thanks!


      2. I purposely did not get the Defender version — I chose the Commuter.

        For two reasons: 1. I have tried wearing a phone on my belt and I keep losing them (not literally, but they fall on the ground). 2. The Otterbox for the 6Plus is HUGE! Just too big to be putting on my belt with my shape.

        I’m very happy with what I have.

        No snap clip on the Commuter …. bummer.

        Happy Snapping! > > >

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