A Function 4 Junction

Function4Junction is an annual affair here.  I know very little about classic cars but it’s easy to tell that Junction City succeeds in attracting a lot of classic cars for this fund raiser for the city.  This small sampling of cars from the ‘cruising’ hours is indeed a SMALL sampling

There had to be several hundred cars doing a greater than three mile loop and there weren’t any empty spots…. I’m not sure how many cars can fit 4 wide on a street in 1.5 miles (1.5 miles down, and 1.5 miles back — 2 wide in both directions all the way except for the turnaround block)

There was a lot of local participation and the streets were lined the full length with viewers.  Aside from all the raw gasoline smell it was a great time.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “A Function 4 Junction

  1. Nothing like a classic car show, Peter! If you are ever near Detroit the third Saturday in August, join the 1.5 million people along Woodward Avenue between Detroit and Pontiac for the Woodward Dream Cruise. They attract a good 40,000 classic vehicles from around the world. We have jumped into it with our truck (we don’t count as a classic). People are free to join in, as the roadway stays open to regular vehicle traffic during the event.

    I’d love to know what that car is in your last photo. It looks like a Willys Knight. My dad’s dad used to sell those in River Rouge, Michigan.


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    1. Hey Jim!
      Hmmmm….. I guess I’m not the typical “guy’s” guy because cars aren’t such a big thing in my life. If it were a classic TRUCK show I’d be more interested. 🙂 I love BIG trucks.
      Then again, part of what bothers me about classic auto shows is the smell of raw gasoline — pre-emissions engines & hopped up horsepower engines. — the fumes really get to me in a big hurry.
      Then again, 1.5 million people is a good reason not to even be in MI! That’s a lot of bodies!!!!
      Actually, I was out with Peggy yesterday shopping for new socks and as I walked through the store (Kohl’s) and saw all the gadgets that people just have to have and can’t live without — like fancy speakers for their clock radio — I was thinking to myself that we really SHOULD be living some place out in the boonies. Sigh. People have gotten so spoiled and demand such comforts as if they couldn’t live without them — little realizing how little those who went before them had at their most luxurious! I don’t know if I’m getting old — or watch too many House Hunters programs on TV! 🙂

      It was hard to miss the cars here — Jct. Cty is such a small place and we were 1 block from the turnaround for the route. We just HAD to go. My SIL is huge into cars (mostly foreign and VW) and he goes to all sorts of shows and shows his own cars too — but I have learned that I can never hold my own talking about cars with him — so I give up and turn my attention to something else. He can’t hold his own talking about computers with me. 🙂

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      1. Having to keep an older car in tune is why I don’t want one. I agree about the smell of gas, also….and oil…and carbon…

        Third weekend in August is a PERFECT time to visit Northwest Michigan…everyone will be in Detroit! 🙂


      2. Jim — I hear ya about perfect time to visit NW MI.

        Once we leave here and arrive in IL/WI we have the rest of the summer booked/reserved at familiar campgrounds. September we’ll spend in Milwaukee getting annual physicals taken care of, so it’s pretty unlikely we’ll be able to GET to MI this year. And come 10/1 we have three weeks to get to NM.

        I’m coming to think that if we want to spend time in WI during the summer to be near family that reservations are almost the only way to do it. So many of the places we would like to stay fill up on weekends early in the year. And you can’t exactly stay for 2 weeks if all the weekends are booked… GRRRRR

        I’ve been looking into private campgrounds with seasonal sites — just out of curiosity — and not finding anything appealing, but we will scout out some while we’re there just as a way of planning for future needs/ideas.

        Yeah — petroleum fumes get me in a hurry. >

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