Another Saturday Farmer’s Market

With a beautiful day on the horizon I could think of no better plan for the day than to return to the Lane County Farmers Market on a dry day, as compared to our last drizzly day visit.

We made a couple stops along the way there.  I picked up some Command Strip products at Jerry’s (a Home Depot look-alike) and I think I finally decided what I want to do about about a couple pending projects — I found clear lumber in sizes I want (that The Home Depot doesn’t carry) for a couple jobs and it was a good stop along the way.

Another stop at Walmart and we succeeded in finding Peg’s desired car mats.  And we also found a screen protector for Peg’s phone and an Otterbox Commuter for mine. goodyear-premium-all-weather-rubbe
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Kathryn — if you want another kitten — there were even kittens looking for a home at the market.

From there it was on to the market.  With more produce on the shelves and better weather the 4 square blocks were pretty much jam packed.

We stocked up on Oregon Honey, viewed some really creative art and had the time today to sit and enjoy the free music.

It’s been said that the Farmer’s market is the heart and soul of Eugene and I can see how that just may be true.  This was the kind of day I really like.  No rush.  You’re out there mingling with every shape, size, ethnicity and social standing — as well as those who are in their right mind, and others who are clearly enjoying some altered state — those dressed to the nines for the boardroom, those barely dressed at all, and everything in between.

I loved it.

I have to say that as we were leaving, when Peg said that it reminded her of the old Milwaukee Summeriest — back in the formative days — I had to agree with her.  You could enjoy  the music because it wasn’t over amplified (most of it was actually acoustic — jazz, Caribbean, and 60’s when we were there) there weren’t huge crowds of people and you were within 10 feet of the performers.

As Spring has progressed there are more veggies for sale, there are plenty of ethnic food stands, and beverage service — so if you want to just eat, drink, and listen you’re free to do just that.

Once we returned home I heated up some of our last slow-cooker pork roast, turned it into pulled pork and made a spur of the moment bbq sauce with the basics of that recipe I published a couple weeks ago:  ketchup, molasses, applesauce, and cayenne pepper.  In that I was sautéing the meat to dry it out a bit and but a little crispy edge to it I didn’t even bother pre-cooking the sauce — merely cooked it in the same pan and for a 5 minute BBQ sauce it turned out pretty good.

I’m thinking about either working on a couple of those projects tomorrow — or at least buying the material here — and the working on the projects through the summer as time and fidgetiness demands.  We’ll see.

And there you have it; our Saturday.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Another Saturday Farmer’s Market

  1. Love the car mats, Peter. We have OEM carpeted mats, and they end up looking grungy. I’ve looked at WeatherTech mats, but I always thought their deep ridges seemed like they would catch on the heel of my shoe.



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