I don’t have to be busy to have a good day…

Sunday & Monday were laid back but enjoyable. What can I say, I don’t have to be busy and doing all the time.

I finished two books in two days, cooked an awesome pork roast with sauerkraut and potato pancakes, we took a few little walks around the neighborhood and mostly just cooled our jets.

When we were out looking for RV’s — 4 years ago — I don’t think we considered enough what living in the RV would be like.  Had we done so we might have bought a larger coach in the first place.  But we are so happy that we bit the bullet and traded up when we did.  This coach — Serendipity — is just as comfortable to live in as it is to travel  in.

For about 25 years we lived in a 700 sq ft apartment.  It was one of 12 apartments in a complex that the family owned.  I’ve shared that at one time we had 5 generations living in the building.  We stayed until all the older generations of the family had passed — and that time there were enough ghosts in the halls that it was time for us to be gone.

From there we moved to a 2400 sq ft home in West Allis, and from there to the 6500 sq ft school in Cudahy — but that 700 sq ft were actually pretty much enough for what we needed most of the time.  The fact that we had several areas walled off in the basement for specific purposes was irrelevant.  For 10 years I published a small Christian Journal from that building and we had a full printing shop in the basement.  I could print pretty much anything with a 2 color 11 x 17 Ryobi offset printingpress, paper cutter, booklet maker, and assorted machines.

But we lived in that 700 sq feet.  And we were quite happy there.  Downsizing to 230 sq feet for Journey wasn’t as bad as it sounded because we were moving closer to what we were accustomed to for a large part of our married life.  And the upsizing into Serendipity was easy!

Some things still continue to nag.  We bought a new recliner to replace the original equipment sat-out sofa.  I like it.  But it’s not really the ideal.  And we need to replace a similar easy chair (the original equipment ‘barrel chair’ in the bedroom.  But this coach gives us enough room to change positions, to change rooms, to move around a little.

Adjusting to living spaces is a very personal thing.  One of our good friends just moved house, from something quite large to something more modest.  When I hear about her ‘finally’ feeling comfortable enough with her new home to start making holes in the wall (for hanging pictures) I got all goose-bumpy.  That’s a wonderful place to be — for your surroundings to surrender to their owner and to take on the personality of the owner.

That’s a little harder to do in an RV.  You can pesonalize your storage — finding your own best places to store things. But RV walls don’t have a lot of space for pictures and kitsch.  The available wall space that may exist is often a space where room sliders slide past.  I have a hat holder for my cowboy hats that we had mounted to a mirror (with suction cups) — not realizing that when we retracted the bedroom slide that the slide would move across the area where my hat was stored — sort of scrunching my good cowboy hat!  Little things like that make you realize that even the places that you think you have for personalization might not be ideal.  Or usable at all.

I would be lying if I said that we have found our Zen in Serendipity.  There remain a few areas where she has yet to submit to our will, or reveal her secrets.  A couple drawers that aren’t quite right,  some weight balancing that isn’t quite right.  But it’s good to feel at home in her.  Those days like this past weekend when you just want to bewhen home just has to be what it is:  comforting and easy.

That was this weekend.  Whether I was looking for a new book in the library, or looking for spices in the pantry, or putting things away — Serendipity was there where she should be — to share most of her secrets, to make my (our) life easier, and to just embrace us as residents.  It’s good to be at home — no matter where we are parked.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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