Saturday Farmer’s Market


I love these lovely old West Coast Oaks!


A view down the Siuslaw River Valley

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Peg took care of another load of wash today.  I worked on images and got caught up on my paperwork — a chore about which I am notoriously lax.

We recently decided to get some more travel protection.  We signed up for Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance AND their Travel Assist programs.

Most RV’ers I know get more mailings from Good Sam than they want but after our bouts with flu and hearing stories from one particular blogger about tire problems I decided that the cost of the protection was well worth the assurance and comfort of knowing it’s not something we have to worry about.  If we never use them at least my wife will be at ease.

In between little projects like the hinges I’ve been getting some recreational reading done.  Too much time spent doing research has meant that reading for pleasure has not been in the cards lately.  But a couple more James Patterson books under my belt and my brain is feeling free and relaxed once again as well as my body.

Tomorrow is Saturday!  We have been waiting for Saturday to take in the Eugene Farmer’s Market.  We hear a lot about how the Market is the cultural center of Eugene — and we’re eager to find out how true that may be.  Besides — we’re almost out of honey and there is some of the best honey in the nation right here in Oregon. And you can get varietiesOregon-raw-honey-logo-tag-150 — from differing plants and blends.  So much better than refined sugar!


2015051609150503It’s Saturday.  We’ve BEEN to the Saturday Farmer’s Market and had a blast!  We skipped breakfast at home; opting instead for a cup of coffee at the market along with some fine baked goods.  Peg had a scone — a baked treats I’ve never acquired a taste for — too dry for my liking.  I had a cinnamon roll and a little poppyseed things with mushrooms and herbed cream cheese.  We found our honey vendor and picked up a 32oz bottle of luxurious honey as well as some Raspberry jam and some Huckleberry jam — made fresh by the vendor.

This farmer’s market is a tradition.  They are celebrating 100 years of operation and there are vendors on parts of three city park blocks.  With two areas devoted to eat-it/drink-it on the spot food and a full city block devoted to produce and a second city block of artsy-craftsy vendors you can spend quite a while here if you choose — and with hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. it easy to do. If you are in 2015051610380006Eugene — please do stop here, enjoy the camaraderie and patronize the local vendors.

Oregon does have its reputation as a home for whacko’s and old-age hippies — I enjoyed the bumper sticker on the back of this local pickup for sure.

And this time of year you have to be amazed at the colors and the intensity of the Rhododenrun blossoms which are in full bloom right now.  In fact, the Florence annual Rhodie Festival is underway as I write.

Well, thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer’s Market

  1. We love a good farmer’s market, Peter. Suttons Bay has one on Saturdays, which we will be checking out soon. Asparagus is prevalent here right now. Hopefully the freeze we had yesterday morning won’t affect the fruit trees too badly.


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    1. Now you went and scared us… FREEZE yesterday! I did read the forecast for the upper Midwest and it sure seems like winter doesn’t want to leave y’all alone.

      We used to go to local Farmers Markets in Milwaukee regularly. Since RV’ing we have not been as regular even though we have been parked near to several — somehow we lose track of what day it is and forget about them.


      1. Isn’t that the truth about Every Day being Saturday! I sure is wonderful being retired.

        Eugene has several each week, along the coast there are a couple — Here, I could almost make a daily farmer’s market if I wanted to drive far enough. !!!!


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