I was going birdwatching but couldn’t get out of bed

Lifelong habits die hard.  Like rising early in the morning.  For a while after leaving the Oregon Dunes I thought I was doing well;  every once in a while I’d be able to sleep till7:30!  Miracle of miracles (for me).  But reality is that I’m usually awake by 4:40, sometimes I sleep as long as 5:00.  Then it’s up to check email and write and see what’s going on in the world today.

i am made of flawsAnother RV’er woke me this morning — it was about 4:15 — not sure where they were going so early but I did think “We have good forecast, let’s get up, drive to the nearest refuge (there are three of them within 65 miles) and look at / for birds”  — and then I fell asleep again.  sigh.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions, they say.

PHONES, Phones, phones

What to do!  What do do?

We have three communication devices in this RV.  1 smart phone, 1 basic phone, and one Jetpack MiFi box.  Two of them are eligible for upgrade, the third will be eligible for upgrade before the end of the month. So I am doing the biennial dance about what to do about telephones.

Peg’s phone is my old phone.  Meaning it’s +6 years old and in six years it has only been used for 67 hours of talking.  I know people who talk that much in 1 month!  Needless to say, Peg doesn’t ‘need’ a fancy phone.

My iPhone is a version 4 — so I’m clearly obsolete as well!


iPhone 5


iPhone 6

The device that universally gets used the most is our MiFi box which is turned on, on average, about 10-12 hours a day (whether or not it’s being used.

I’ve decided that with the upgrades on the iPhone I’m going to bite the bullet and buy a new phone this time…. iPhone version 6.  And I can get a iPhone 5 from Verizon for a whopping $0.99 — but whether  that’s really worth it or not I am undecided.  She might be happier with a simple LG basic phone.  OR…. maybe if I get her the iPhone Kathryn and her will start texting back and forth … that’s kind of my hope.  We’ll see what happens by the end of the month.  I’ll keep you posted.


We have 100 cu ft of storage in our basement bays.  How can anything completely disappear down there?EV925205  A few months ago I purchased a complete installation kit for an Everpure water filter.  I know it did!  I swear.  I planned on having the dealer install it (only because my ingenuity, hand tools, and access to push-pull water line connections is so poor).  Knowing that our appointment is approaching I decided to go hunting for it in the basement storage bays where I know  I stowed it.

Mumble, mumble, mumble.

I completely emptied the drivers side bay — where I thought I had put it and nothing, nada, bupkiss.  I will do the same on the other side  soon — I want to wait until we go dump our tanks before doing that.  The way the coach is sitting at the moment the curbside bay door is torqued a little and I’d rather leave it alone until we get flat and level.  But I am bewildered about why it wasn’t on the roadside where all the other water system parts are stored.Basement Layout

I do actually have a plan for storage bay organization.  This graphic is only the large double bay plan;  there are two more ‘storage’ bays down there:  one in the curbside rear corner and one in the roadside front corner.  But both of those are small and reserved for light weight and more delicate items.  But you can see there is a PLACE for that water filter.  Since moving into an RV — both coaches now — I have gotten very OCD about WHERE I put things.  When I do lose things Peggy will often say are you sure you didn’t put it ‘here’ (wherever that might be) and I get a little tight-jawed because I am trying desperately not to just put things down when they aren’t in their place to live.  And mostly I have been right — they are where they belong (…or close).  Just not exactly where they belong.  Except for this doggone filter kit.  Grrrrrrrrr.

And now I’m going to make breakfast, hop in the car and at least go to ONE of the refuges today.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “I was going birdwatching but couldn’t get out of bed

      1. Only on selfies….and I can palm a basketball. It is an awesome phone otherwise, and it is easier to use as a computer/tablet substitute in a pinch. My 4S was worthless for that. I also can still carry it horizontally on my belt with an Otterbox Defender. That case makes it klutz-proof. It is also thinner than a 4. Come on over and we can play football with mine and you can take it for a test drive. Then you can check Northwest Michigan off your list, also. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I was just joking — I’ll probably get the 6 regardless and simply adjust my behavior.

        I have been using a Body Glove for my 4 — how do you like the Otterbox?


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