Hello…. he says groggily

BrakeBuddy_LogoThe phone rang early today.  Time Zones be damned!  It was Justin at Brake Buddy!

Turns out Dan at Guaranty was right on the money.  The problem is the compressor – it’s free spinning.  They will replace the compressor, box it up and send it back by FedEx-3-day all for about $200.00.  Could have been worse; I’m happy with that.

I think we’re done making trips back and forth to the coast — maybe one more in the next 3 weeks.  If we get some semi-dry days we’ll do a little touring, and on the other day I can work on my list of projects.  It will appear that life is pretty boring right now from your side of the blog but the RV life doesn’t have to busy and active all the time.

We are getting excited about Bosque del Apache.  Even though our stint there is 5 months away we are both already eager for the time to fly.

On a more productive note…


I finally got one replacement hinge replaced.  After doing so I decided to investigate how that was manufactured to see whether it was possible — as had been suggested to me — to ‘rebuild’ the hinge.  There are two pop rivet attachment points at the inside of the hint — one secures the container for the spring-load mechanism, the other secures the actual actuation arm to the hinge.  I looked at all four of the hinges in Serendipity that were ‘broken’ and they all failed at the same point — at that pop rivet attachment point.


this is a blurry view of what the fixed repair looks like.


The two rivets are the subject of the failure. The one that fails is the one in the upper right position in this photo.

Up until now I haven’t been carrying a pop-rivet tool in my toolbox but we went out and bought one for this repair and from what I’ve heard we can expect to use it from time time.  Several of the coach & 5th wheel owners we know have had problems with the same design hinge.  And at $8.00+ per hinge (not pair) the tool already paid for itself fixing 4 hinges that were broken.  I’m happy with that!  Now we won’t have to drive down the road with a rope pulling one of the doors closed!

I guess that’s about it for today.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.The True Fruit of Travel


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