Good Friends and Tall Tales

What can be better than spending a few hours under the sun, with good friends, telling tales and regaling one another with the bumps along life’s pathway?

Saturday was the time to do just that.

I have truly missed our friends from the forest.  Perhaps I wanted to come back here as much to share some time with them as to get the coach worked on.  And I couldn’t wait any longer than our second full day in Junction City to hop over the coastal range (highest point on the ride over:  768 feet  🙂  ) and visit three of our closest friend  couples.  I had to get my fix.

We spent time with Doug & Carol who are at Horsfall, and Gary & Mary Barlow who are at Umpqua Beach, and Pam Hocking & Larry Teeter who are at Carter Lake.  Two of the couples we hired while we were there and they are a delight; the third couple has been hanging out at the Forest for several years and we just enjoy their company a lot.  That was private time with them and I’m sincerely happy to have reconnected with them each and every one.

By the time we finished up with Larry and Pam we were hungry and tired but we stopped at Bay Street Grille in Florence — one of our old hangouts while living here — for a dinner of crab cakes — another of our favorites from the area.

I know there are others we could have seen (not in one day though) — but you all know how there are friends who are easy to be with, and there are friends who tire you out.  Saturday we opted to visit the ones easy to be with, and perhaps not to visit the others.  Tuesday we’ll return to see Belva our former (not ‘old’) boss.

No pictures today.  Today wasn’t about blogging;  today was about people.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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