Silverleaf Revisited

I’m writing this morning because we were 28º overnight and we have mountains to cross between Sisters and Junction City.  So, why not let the roads warm up, and dry off the rain and flurries from yesterday here in the desert! We seem to have a thing about rain lately.

My Current Silverleaf Screen

My Current Silverleaf Screen

I still have not gotten around to finding a better way of mounting my Silverleaf computer but I have made significant progress (in MY mind).

As a reminder, for those of you who haven’t been following through the winter, because we weren’t going anywhere in Serendipity the chances to customize, and to use my new engine conditions toy have been limited.  During our sitting still time I have been pondering a few things and there’s nothing quite like hitting the road to spur me on to doing something about what’s on my mind.  (I’m a great procrastinator)


The Silverleaf system operates off standardized data provided by the engine itself.

But, every engine is installed in something, and in our case there is a disagreement between the chassis odometer mileage and the total engine miles.  This is usually caused because the parameters plugged into the engine at the time of installation into the chassis are in error.  The chassis might have larger/smaller tires than the values that were input.  The transmission data might be different with or without an overdrive, or with a completely different than anticipated transmission.  In short, our chassis odometer says we’ve gone 4848 fewer miles than Silverleaf thinks we’ve gone.

2015050613210402While the Silverleaf gets it’s info from the engine and normally one would trust that before the gauges and sensors in the chassis, in this case I know to trust the chassis odometer, which also agrees with the GPS mileages.

There are two ways of adjusting accumulated miles.  If, as in our first coach, Journey, the odometer had been replaced at 24,000 miles you can use an odometer adjustment factor (a set-back, or a set- forward).  That’s not the case with this chassis You can also use a multiplier, in which case the Silverleaf will count out each revolution of the wheels as if they were slightly larger, or slightly smaller.  In our case I put in an adjustment factor of 0.936173 and the odometer on the Silverleaf now agrees exactly with the Coach odometer. And because I can resize the odometer on the Silverleaf it’s easier to see!
The log auto-fills date, location, station, last odometer and current odometer. You fill any two of the boxes on the second line: Total Cost, Fuel Quantity, Fuel Price and it completes the third for you. It then lists the current fill fuel economy, as well as overall average economy. (In our case that includes the mileage under Journey)

This single modification will also affect the Silverleaf’s computation of fuel mileage as it now thinks we are traveling on slightly smaller tires. After adding in the adjustment factor I see that the previous owners weren’t getting very good fuel mileage at all.  Making that change dropped the mileage since new by 1/2 mpg on the Silverleaf.


PULLING down on the ADVANCED tab gives you a lot of adjustment and information gathering options!

I use Odometer Miles to figure my fuel consumption.  Our RVND 7720 by Rand McNally has built in fuel logs.  I wish there was a way to log multiple vehicles but there isn’t.  I left our stats from Journey in the GPS, so now it’s showing me average economy from the combination of both vehicles.  Not ideal but I don’t want to lose the data from the first coach.  sigh.


Changing the Odometer reading is simply a matter of entering your adjustment factors in the right box.


Adjusting other data points is just as easy with the Parameter adjustment dialogue box.

The Silverleaf manual says you might have to make several adjustments to get the right adjustment factor.  In our case I used that 6 decimal place number I got simply by dividing the odometer miles by the Silverleaf odometer and I came out within two tenths of a mile over 70,000 miles.  By raising and lowering that number a couple digits I got the two to agree exactly.   When I first read their manual I thought I would have to go into the actual text files and modify them but turns out there’s a menu item for Advanced adjustments and each adjustment comes up as a dialogue box!  How cool is that.

So, we have the most recent news on the Silverleaf.


I talked with Dan, the Service Manager at Guaranty RV.  It seems there was what I will take as an honest miss communication.  We will be in Oregon until June 5!  Later than we hoped, but not an untenable situation.  I could have followed up differently, I suppose, and prevented this from happening.  I tell people to TALK, not email, and I’m the worst offender.  I’m sure if I had spoken with him instead of emailing I would have prevented this situation.  But, I’m not going to ‘should on myself.’ I didn’t use the right word.  Dan didn’t make the connection.  So, we have time and we’ll wait it out and see the glories of Oregon.

The advantage to this turn of events — this should give them adequate time to get any parts in-house.

I did a fast check on a revised route home. If all goes as planned we can comfortably make the trip to Minneapolis  in time for Fathers Day with Kathryn, Michael, and Melanie.

Our Life Unscripted continues.  No need to get upset when plans change — just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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