Bully Creek to Sisters


Scenes across US-20 in Eastern Oregon


Scenes across US-20 in Eastern Oregon


Scenes across US-20 in Eastern Oregon


As you get West of Burns OR you start seeing trees and even some snow-covered mountains in what I have heard is supposed to be their driest year on record.


The Three Sisters (mountains) begin to rise on the horizon.


The CREEK, that Sisters Creekside Campground is named after.


Anyone for an old Studebaker?


One of the local art galleries has an artist who specializes in highly ornamented outdoor kiosks…


One of the local art galleries has an artist who specializes in highly ornamented outdoor kiosks…


One of the local art galleries has an artist who specializes in highly ornamented outdoor kiosks… what little girl would not like her own Cinderella coach?


And then again you have cut steel animals.

After being offline for two days our self enforced silence was over and it was time to move on.


My iPhone was having a hissy-fit.  I have an old iPhone (4 – I think) and after being out of the network the poor phone (a CDMA, whatever that means) could not figure out where it was.  Once again I used the forced reset feature (Press the OFF switch and the HOME button at the same time until the Apple logo shows on the screen.  Once I did that I was good to go.  There are times when I hate electronic toys.

US-20 and US-26 are wonderful roads.  Not a lot of traffic (but neither are you out there in no-man’s land), a 55 mph speed limit.  There aren’t a lot of towns on US-20 — our choice for this trip:  Vale, Riley, Burns, Bend, Sisters (as far as we’ve gotten.  Almost all of Eastern Oregon (except the Columbia river gorge) is High Desert — 2000 feet elevation or higher.  It’s something I find myself fascinated with — in a not-wanting-to-spend-a-cold-winter-here sort of way.

Our objective for the day was a whopping 260 miles.  First, I mentioned that we discovered that my first choice at Chicahominy Reservoir was too short for us.  So, we took that stop out of our route (only 148 miles) and added in the next “day’s” mileage (120 miles) to take us to Sisters Oregon.

There’s a lovely city operated campground here  — complete with camp hosts — and I wanted to try it, as well as getting another 2 nights in one place.

The rates are $35.00 for full hookup with 30 amp, or $40.00 for FHU with 50 amp service.  Less a $5.00 senior citizen discount and no sales tax.  Oregon has NO sales tax at all.  We were assigned site 11, not the easiest site to get into and I owe a debt of gratitude to our neighbor for shouting out when we got too close to a tree.  But a few minutes later we were settled in for two nights.  Ahhhhh.  I’ll post photos of the site and grounds tomorrow.

We have a measly 120 mile trip to Junction City for Thursday — Peggy’s b-day.  Not sure what we’ll do to celebrate; we aren’t big b-day celebrants.

Even though we have a 5/11-5/12 appointment for the coach I want to talk over with the Svc Mgr my list of projects; which should be warrantable with our extended service coverage and which we have to pay ourselves — and whether they have some of the unusual parts.  Ideally, they’ll be able to order what they don’t have and get them in within a couple days.  (like maybe the weekend? — I know I’m a dreamer)

So, there you have our Tuesday.  A beautiful day, as we head into cooler temperatures just East of the mountains.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Bully Creek to Sisters

    1. Linda, Often that’s about what we do! Not always steak; now that we are on the coast again we celebrated Mom’s day today and had crab cakes — which for us midwesterners is special. Doesn’t have to be all that big of a celebration anymore. Just something to mark the day and make it better.

      > >


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