Treading Water

The RV guy never showed up yesterday — we’re hoping to see him at 9 a.m. today. treadwater2

I’m still hacking like crazy — seems everyone that has gotten sick in the park all have had horrible sounding coughs.  Most of them have been sick in bed 4-6 days too.

Peg has now assented to the truth that she’s sick too.  Stubborn girl.  But she has no fever and is ‘just’ achey and sounding rather a lot like a frog.  I get so angry when she won’t allow herself to ‘be’ sick.  But what are you going to do about a person’s character?  She is who she is and I love her.

My day was spent fixing water hoses; twice.  The first time I must not have gotten the little interlocking high’s and low’s in quite the right place.  I walked away and it was dry, I came back and it was wet.  Oh well…. what you don’t learn in your head, you learn in your feet (Thank you momma.)  Do it right the second time.

We also made a trip to H*E*B for some dry ice.  That stuff is more expensive than ice ($1.24/lb) but it’s cold enough to keep frozen meat frozen, so maybe we won’t have to discard everything that was in the refrigerator. I’m funny about safe temperatures.  Some things I never take a chance trying to save.  It there’s a problem, out they go.  Others I’m less concerned with — foods with lots of vinegar, etc.   But because of these fridge problems over the last year  I have discarded more food  than I may have in the rest of my life.   It really bothers me to see that happen and if nothing else that factor gets me thinking about other refrigeration options. But there’s no one here to do anything about that.   Grrrrrrrrrrr.

And I have to say that after looking at the reviews on Google for some of the service outlets in Texas (Camping World, etc) I wouldn’t trust them to fill my tires.  So far the people we have found by word of mouth have been superior.  Maybe not fast, but they have come through for us.

Other than that it was a work-a-little, nap-a-little day for us both.

Lots of thoughts about what to do and when to leave but first priority is to get healthy and second priority is to figure out what the deal with with the fridge — so until both those are accomplished I’m treading water.

Let’s hope tomorrow I have better news.  Thanks for stopping, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Treading Water

  1. So I open the dinette shade this morning and look out at a beautiful Winnebago Journey that pulled in yesterday. His refrigerator access panel was off and sitting on the ground. I immediately thought of you. There has to be a better solution to RV refrigeration, and I am not sure the recent move to residential fridges are the answer.



    1. In a bizarre taking-delight-in-someone-else’s-misery sort of way that makes me feel really good.

      I hate to see someone else going through the same thing but you are right about the rv refrigeration issue needing a better solution.

      I don’t want to do the residential fridge because then you severely limit how much time you can spend off shore-power — those fridges have a constant hunger for 120VAC and I’m not sure I want to pay THAT price. We are usually plugged in, but not always. Then again, life waiting on yet-another-perhaps-not-entirely-reliable-service-tech isn’t fun either.

      But, as I said this morning — we’re treading water for just a bit here.


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  2. Sorry you guys are still under the weather and hope you quickly get on the road to recovery, especially with the lingering fridge issues looming. Good luck in finding a technician. We’ve never used Camping World, so far, but I’m wondering if they warranty their service work. If so, that would enable you to take it to another Camping World for service, if needed. I know the one in our area has a waiting list for service, too.

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    1. This has not be a fun time — but we are both happy that we’re sick ‘at home’ and not in some hotel or worse.
      I have had very mixed luck with Camping World, and the one here in New Braunfels has a distinctively negative public review (Google+) — Katy, TX is no better. Nor Albuquerque. The tech is here now and he may have the problem identified. And I’m going to try a preventive hack our selling dealer suggested to keep this from happening in the first place. So, at the moment I’m feeling a little optimistic.

      We may head NW for May and June — waiting on a call back now. If I can get us into our selling dealer to get some 1 year laundry items sorted out it may be worth a pleasant spring drive. Keep you posted as we know more. Not sure if we might do San Angelo –> Roswell — you’re in Midland or something. Not sure if we could stop for a cuppa but need to get better first, get off this wet site, and see what the dealer can do about scheduling us. TTYL P


      1. Well, again, good luck on the repairs. I am actually further north in the panhandle a couple of hours… in the middle of nowhere. haha Yes, if you find your way to this part of the state, I would love to meet you both, if possible. Just fair warning about the storms this time of year, though. Tornado season has already begun here and we had storm chasers around this area just yesterday. Your safest bet as far as weather will be to journey in New Mexico at this point. You may still get some storms but not likely to get the really bad stuff that we get. I’m glad to help with suggestions as you decide on a route. There are no good parks in our immediate area, to be honest, but I can recommend some, if needed. Buffalo Springs Lake is another option and is pretty nice during the week, never on a weekend, though, due to crowds. We gave up going there on weekends after our first year in the RV. If you are a brave soul as far as weather, do go up to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, at least for a couple of days. You will not regret it. It is a magnificent place.

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      2. Ya know how sometimes you’re in the middle of an experience and then it’s like suddenly someone flips an invisible switch and you’re DONE! Finished! Ready to be Gone!?

        I think that’s the way we are both feeling at the moment. Somehow the heat just got to us. The heat and the residual effects of having been sick and still a bit weak.

        Right now I think our big priority is to get out of the heat.

        I called our selling dealer and we have an appointment in OR for the 13th and a few days worth of fixes.

        I appreciate the Storm advice. And we will for sure hot-foot it over to NM. Not sure how we may wander from there, I’m inclined to just wing-it and see what happens. Once we get into a little elevation and away from the Gulf I think we’ll both be happier and cooler.

        Thanks so much for the advice. Between now and Wednesday we’ll suss out a route and hit the road.

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