Awesome Light Show

We’re both hanging in there but need to rebuild our stamina.

After sleeping for most of the last 4 days attempting to sleep last night proved to be extremely difficult.  Cartoon LightningHowever, about 1/2 way through the night we had an amazing lightning show accompanied by as much thunder as we have heard since arriving.  I only wish the sky had been clearer instead of hazy overcast so that we could have seen the lightning in clear relief.  I love to watch lightning.  Some of the strikes were quite close but it was one time I didn’t mind being kept away.

The Dread Red Light


The Dread Red Light

But then life is often a mixture of good and bad.  Last night’s T-Storm was accompanied by high winds and once again we get to revisit our relationship with our Dread Red Norcold Malfunction light….. Sigh….

I went out to check on resetting the reed switch.  And this time I successfully reset the switch — about 4 times.  The problem being that there is so much humidity there that the switch kept tripping.  I’m not strong enough after the flue to just go out and putter away on it until I had the everything sorted and back to normal.

I’ll try to work on it in the next day or so, if I can’t do it myself (meaning if I’m still too weak) I can call The RV Mobile Home Center and their technician Silver will come out and give us a hand.  I’d be happier if it was running again but if we don’t open the doors too often we’ll be OK — and seeing as neither of us has felt like eating much because of the illness — that won’t be too much of a problem.

It raises the specter of RV refrigerators and Household refrigerators  once again but no decision to make a chance — it’s just a bit annoying.  What I would really like to find is a way of protecting those internal components without building residual heat which that  external panel is designed to dissipate.  Hmmmm.  Think, think, think….  I really don’t know what to do about the fridge.   When it works it works fine.  When it doesn’t  —  you know…...

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Awesome Light Show

  1. Peter,

    Do you have any sort of surge protection for Serendipity? That might prevent the lightning from tripping the switch. Doesn’t solve the current problem, but it might take care of future issues.



    1. Jim, We do have protection on the line, but the Dread Red Light problem is not from a power surge — it’s in the 12VDC control circuit

      And either we are just down here in an area that gets too much horizontal rain — the last occurrence happened in NOV when we were in Galveston — or perhaps the venting into that area just allows more air circulation than might be necessary to do the job and thus also allows in more moisture. Have not yet determined whether humidity could have gotten into the switch mechanism — but we’ll troubleshoot it as we are strong enough to do so. And keep you posted.

      When I have time I’ll try to take some photos that elucidate the problem more clearly.

      > >


  2. Sorry to hear you have having fridge issues again and hope you get it resolved quickly. I was in California over the weekend but kept an eye on the storms back home. I saw that storm headed your way and wondering about you and Peg. We also had an amazing show here, too. I saw video of it online. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


    1. Right now we are just focussing on feeling better. A lot of folks here got hit with the flue/cold/whatever and several were QUITE ill. Our worst part was a 4 day fever; and no appetite (feed a cold / starve a fever — so didn’t really bother me — didn’t want to eat anyway.) But with luck we’ll be back to ourselves in a few days; get the fridge sorted, figure out how to get off this wet site and life will go on. Thanks for the prayers and good ju ju.

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    2. Don’t you just love awesome Lightning? One of the best shows I ever saw was while we were westbound on I-80 to Denver and out across the flats of Nebraska there was thunder and lighting 360º around us for several hours. It was amazing.

      As for the others…. steady on. I’ll be talking to the tech guy soon.


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    1. I think most of the compound were sick — which kind of makes me wonder. Only thing we all have in common is the water…

      It seems strange to me that SO MANY of us were sickened. Not having other experience of S. Texas, or winter-time RV parks I have no idea whether so many illnesses are typical or abnormal but it does give me pause.

      We need to see how we feel after we get cooled down and dried out. Part of me is wondering whether I need to be a hot/dry person and not a hot/damp person. I have always known Wisconsinites who were told by doctors to go to the desert; not many who were told to go to the coast…. Needs some investigation and maybe a conversation with the doc come September. > >


      1. Yes, some change is in order. There have also been quite a few superbug type illnesses traveling the continent. My aunt was pretty sick last month as well…it was concrnn for us as well. Change in climate, more recovery and visiting doc will surely give you a plan.


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