Old Diary

San Antonio Botanic Gardens

2015032908542313Peg & I love botanic gardens — and we love them even more when admission is free because of our Missouri Botanic Gardens membership!  Many of the botanic gardens around the country have recriprocity with American Horticultural Society gardens; so we support a garden we love and get to visit others for free (or with other benefits).

We saw a lot of bluebonnets on the way here.  Doubtless we’ll see a lot more on the way home. And we are coming back into the area in June.  We didn’t realize how close to San Antonio we would be until recently so that our plan to explore around Wimberly was postponed until our two week return for the three day lavender festival 20150329121021189— we should have enough time to see what we want then.20150329124054102

And, with such grand sunny weather on hand instead of doing more driving why not take in a garden?  And so that was the plan. A good night’s sleep, a day before we could pick up the tower — the perfect opportunity to go garden-ing….. 🙂

The history of the San Antonio Botanic Garden goes back to 1877 when it was a limestone quarry.  When groundwork began in the 1970’s to convert it to a garden, it took another 10 years before the S.A. Botanic Gardens were actually chartered.  On some 33+ acres it’s a wonderful example of what can be done in S. Texas, but a part of the layout is to demonstrate the geographic and horticultural differences within the state of Texas.

Our visit did a lot to help the information about the how’s and why’s of Texas gardening — it being easier to read than for the reading to sink into my thick skull.  A special (to me) part of the exhibits were display sites illustrating the kind of low-water home gardening can really be done.

Examples of the blooms:

Peggy and I have been commenting over the last few months — between ourselves — about how poor (or make it ‘different’) the highway signage is in this state.  2015032909354973Too often they simply don’t exist.  Well, today we found the penultimate example of Texas signing.

So much for social commentary. 🙂

There are a few other sights that are noteworthy (IMHO) and here are a few of them.  With  temps in the low 80’s and the sun high in the sky it was glorious.  However, being allergic to big cities we were glad when our horticultural wanderings were over; it seemed as if the entire city was out to enjoy the Sunday weather and every Expressway we passed (under/over/around) was backed up and congested.  It will be good to leave tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.