Old Diary

I’ve got good news and bad news, which do you want first….

Well, I heard from MacTLC and it’s mixed news.  With only one drive in the 4 drive system the machine works fine. Adding any other drives back into the tower causes failures.  With no replacement parts for the tower my choice is pretty basic. Apple-Mac-Pro -w -Display

Tomorrow we are going to drive back to San Antonio, we’ll do some exploring on Saturday and Sunday and on Monday we’ll pick up the recalcitrant tower and bring it back to Los Fresnos.  I’ll be able to destroy the failing drives so no one can get confidential info from them.

These little docking stations are the cat's pajamas.

These little docking stations are the cat’s pajamas.

I can try the one drive that is supposed to be OK in  one of these little docking stations, retrieve any info that I don’t have backed up (I believe that to be NONE — I’m careful about my backups) and if it won’t run IN the tower it may run plugged into a USB port, or plugged into my Time Machine — in any event I can always wipe that drive for security and destroy the media.

And then — I’ll use the remaining drive as long as it continues working.  I’ll have the advantage of the 30″ monitor while that continues and eventually when the next machine gets old enough I’ll buy an iMac or something that can drive a larger screen and be back in business.  (figuratively — I AM retired you know).  So that will be the end of the Mac Pro tower challenge.

To assuage our grumpiness we went swimming today — with the numbers here dwindling the pool crowd is getting a little more intimate. (meaning numbers — nothing else)

I lost count yesterday but another 8 units moved out yesterday.  Two more pulled into pull through sites today so that when they leave in the next couple days (should it rain) they won’t have any problem getting out.  It’s good to plan ahead — specially when these particular rigs got into the mud pretty deep when they first arrived — they don’t want a repeat of that experience.  The camp host and another of the workampers are leaving at the end of the month — actually quite a few will be leaving in these next few days.  I think we are actually glad for the excuse to leave and not to have to say teary ‘goodbyes’.

I’m hoping for some more Bluebonnets on the return trip.  And maybe a nice meal or two.  We’ll scout out Wimberly if the weather holds and we aren’t lured away by rumors of things to see and things to do in Fredericksburg.

We made the decision to pay up for the month of April — so we are locked into staying her through the end of next month.  We’ll get to enjoy the burgeoning spring and the warmer weather.  I’m 90% sure we’ll also stay through the end of May — given the rate here and our 6th month discount the price is down there with senior rates at the Corps of Engineers so we might as well take advantage rather than paying full rate somewhere else.


Our Hangout in June

On our return from Wisconsin we decided that we weren’t going to stop in Livingston TX at the Escapees Rainbow’s End on our way out of Texas and today while researching I found a stop off for the 6 nights we had allowed for that visit.  So, the Spring is lining up nicely.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow from San Antonio.