Old Diary

Beautiful Day for a Drive

Tuesday morning dawned with Fog and the sound of birds.  ‘Twas a beautiful morning for a drive.  By 9 the fog had burnt off and even though the birds were still singing we were ready to hit the road.

With a 4 p.m. appointment we didn’t time to smell the roses. But with minimal time differences we did decide to take an alternate route to San Antonio:  via US 281.March 24

There are probably fewer vehicles using this route but just before the merge with I-37 there are quite a few little towns and a lot of cross traffic.  The route is beautiful this time of year the wildflowers are beautiful but with the clog of trucks at the end I think Peggy decided she likes the US-77 route better.

We checked into our hotel and went straight to the Apple Store.  We were early for our appointment and spent the next 3+ hours with a service tech — all for the huge bill of $0.00.  The technician started with a hardware check, then booted off of the in-house system disk. When that all worked well (with a glitch I’ll explain in a few moments)  we opted to restore the hard drive from my Time Machine backup — not with the new Yosemite update, but with the older Mountain Lion version.  We know that works fine and there are questions about whether my tower has enough processor power to drive Yosemite — so why take a chance.  Let’s use what works.

The glitch is that my two internal hard drives devoted to backup are both failing (damaged sectors)  — that is something the Apple Store does not do — they sell NEW hardware, not OLD hardware.  The tech was nice enough to recommend someone to handle the drive replacements and seeing as we are here, and even though I could purchase a pair of drives cheaper at …. for example, Amazon…there are some other issues I want to talk with them about — like a solid state drive for my primary drive I’ll stop there in the morning. I have the night to think about I want to handle the parts replacement but I’ll sort that out in the morning.

Today was all about how much a person values various things in their life.  For me — I value contact with the rest of the world.  I value being in touch with our family.  Hopping into the car for a 600 mile round trip is inconsequential in my world.  And yet some of my friends would think that a crazy act.  It’s all about what you value.

We are waiting to see what happens in the morning.  Whether we head straight home or go sight seeing will depend on how the morning proceeds.  We might run up to Blanco and check out the town where the lavender festival will be held, and/or we might drive to Lockhart for lunch at Black’s BBQ — the best darned BBQ in the world.  (IMHO)

Our resting time at home didn’t last long.  But as my dad told Peggy, the day he met her, “Life will never be boring with Peter.”  I hope once we return to Los Fresno’s that we’ll be staying put for a while.  I have one incomplete ‘winter’ project  — which is a more permanent mount for our Silverleaf Engine Information system, but other than that we have worked through our projects list and had fun this winter.

I think that one of the reasons I’ve been touchy lately is that as the ‘season’ progresses people think they know each other better than, perhaps, they do.  The cliches become apparent and as usually happens in any group of people the discontents have their say about what is wrong, what should be different than it is, etc.   The rumors and gossiping is really hard to stop.  Anything short of telling someone you just don’t want to listen to their complaints about the RV park seems not to quiet them down.  And yet how rude, or direct do you want to be?

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

P.S.:   About an hour after I finished this blog last night the Tower shut down again. The problem is obviously not the updated system software — that is deleted completely. I reverted to previously running and known software.  We know that there are some hardware problems (as above).  So, I’m inclined at this point to skip the appointment tomorrow, see if I can salvage anything from the Tower and then sell the 30″ monitor if I can find a buyer.  (Well, it wasn’t an ‘appointment’ — I called to inquire whether I needed an appointment and they told me to just show up).  I’ll see how I feel in the morning.  I think I’ve done as much with a 2008 computer as I can.  OH Well…….

Old Diary

Back in the Car

Today was a frustrating day.  A long conversation with a nice lady at Apple Care seemed to have resolved my Tower problem.  A couple hours later the tower was on the fritz again.

While waiting for Apple Care to call back at an appointment time of 6:00 pm we drove out to Padre Island and had a very nice time looking at birds, 2015032311581303and other heavenly sights.  Among them were the airplane pulling  the Trojan Condom banner and a Geico Insurance banner.  I’d much rather have seen something with wings, but it was a nice trip to the island anyway.

And now after my 6 pm visit with Apple Care we are back in the car tomorrow to San Antonio — to see if the Apple Genius’ can breathe life into what may prove to be an older computer not quite up to the processing requirements of a new system update.  Sigh.  I really liked that Tower — I hope I don’t have to chalk it off to boat anchor time…. what you do with electronics that are outdated — turn them into boat anchors.

So, we’re up in San Antone for 2 nights — depending on what happens we may go looking for Bluebonnets — or we might end up drowning our sorrow — who knows.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to talk with you tomorrow.