Old Diary

Making Room Inside Serendipity

Am I crazy or do I just act crazy?

Part of our trip home (after we got Peggy’s health issue taken care of) involved bringing another computer to S. Texas.  Our idea was simple:  photo editing would be a lot easier with a larger screen and the spare disk space.  If it worked:  OK.  If it didn’t we could drop off the tower in September when we’ll be spending a month in Milwaukee.  Sounded like a simple enough plan — if we could find a place for it to live in Serendipity.

Serendipity doesn’t have a lot of spare internal real estate, but I figured that the new space in the lounge where the sofa used to live would be a good place for it.

Before I dared start messing around with the Apple tower I wanted to get the software on my Server updated — I have intentionally been postponing that just because of the size of an Apple System update is humongous and I hate using up my MiFi allowance just for a system update. It took me the better part of 2 days to update both the Tower and my Laptop in Milwaukee — so I was prepared for a long, slow day yesterday.

It took from 7 a.m. to about 9 p.m. before I had finished the slow download, multiple restarts and multiple system installations.  But the the end of the day I had the job done and my server was humming along nicely.

The Apple 30″ screen is a dream to work on but it takes strong graphics to drive it.  Installing it in the lounge worked nicely.  It fits nicely in the Lounge slide.  Finding a happy place for the tower is not as easy — its temporarily living alongside my driver’s seat but I’ll have a better place for it soon.


I know — it’s still a mess but the screen is the right size for the depth of the slide-out and we’ll get everything in order eventually.

(Note:  After I had the tower in place and running fine I had a system failure.  For some reason the system keeps shutting down and I can’t keep it stable.  I’ll call Apple Care tomorrow.  If I can’t get it fixed using them we’ll look around for a local shop, and failing that we’ll arrange a trip to San Antonio.  I have had great service from my Apple products — since 1984 I have only had to have someone else work on my hardware three times — but they don’t have a lot of outlets.   sigh.    We might have a good excuse to go looking for Bluebonnets! 🙂

On a more positive note we hear from our good friend Debbie in IL that her search for a new house has finished.  She’s closing on April 3 and moving the weekend after Easter.  We’re happy for her and wish we could be there to help her move — but I don’t think that’s going to be in the cards.  sigh.

On other fronts,  I mentioned ordering a replacement carousel support for our Microwave/Convection oven. Glass-Tray-Support-FROLPB027MRK0--00995265Repair Clinic had the tray support I needed — the center point fits on a key that turns the tray.

To illustrate what happens when those little white nylon wheels stop turning, here’s a shot of the flat side on one of the nylon wheels.2015031815210113 Nice to have that replaced so that the carousel turns nicely again.  while we were at it we replaced the ceramic tray that was terribly soiled and which all manner of cleaning techniques didn’t do much to fix.  It’s almost a new 11 year old Micro now. 🙂

2015031807524811On a completely different track:  What’s the thing with rural Texas and spoons on top of mugs?  This is something I have noticed before in Texas — not sure if other states do it too, it’s just a curiousity — but three places in a row served our coffee like this:

There you have it.  Another lovely overcast-in-the-morning-sunny-in-the-afternoon day in S. Texas.  I’m not complaining — every single day we have better weather here than back in Wisconsin.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.  🙂