Old Diary

Back home, back to the rain!

We awoke in Livingston, TX on Wednesday morning to the sound of pitter-patter of rain on the roof.  Back in Texas; back to the rain.  We aren’t complaining — simply stating a fact.

Along with the rain have come leaves and wildflowers along the roadside and the flowers are well worth their weight in rain. 7575919340_d47ce9e598_z This has always been my favorite time of year.  I love the special green that marks those first days and hours of growth, which is lost over the next few days as the leaves take on their normal coloration.

Texas is known as the largest gardener in the U.S..  That is because the 7031267033_707c3a23ef_z 821968380_oonvc-L 05Texas DOT has planted millions and millions of flower seeds alongside their roads and each year the roadsides come alive in color and blooms.  This is still early in the season but we would do well to get out and drive around the area to see what we can see in terms of wild blossoms alongside the highway.

We ‘enjoyed’ our rain from Livingston to Victoria, at which point the showers stopped and we got back to dry road.

That did not happen before we saw at least one sporty little car demolished in a ditch because he was traveling too fast for conditions and ended up in a ditch with a quarter-panel torn off, his convertible top torn to shreds, and his wheels sitting axle deep in mud.  I’m sure his insurance company will not be happy with him. Fortunately the emergency squad was already on the scene.

As is often the case our trip resulted in conversations about future plans.  I’ll be sharing about those in the next few days; but suffice it to say that gradually we are coming to one mind on what we want from our retirement.  ‘Retirement’ sort of dawned on us suddenly — changes at Peg’s work made a hasty retreat a smart idea — and while we were agreed about the decision to go mobile we had no real ‘plan’ for our travels.  Continuous vagabonds we are not.  Of that we are now even more certain.  We never thought of continuous travel as our goal when we started this adventure three years ago, but events to be explained have convinced us of that reality.

March 18Wednesday was a 400 mile day, and by 3:00 p.m. we were refueled, unloaded, had collected our accumulated mail and were sitting in the coach thinking that what we really needed was a good long walk.  Underneath threatening skies we took our maiden walk about to see who had left (not as many as we feared) and who remained;  how much progess had been made in installing the new permanent Mobile Home, and whether the new gate had been installed (it has! — pictures to come tomorrow).  It feels good to be home.  It feels good to see leaves on the trees.  It doesn’t feel so good to return to puddles in the streets, but hey — things take time (I keep telling myself) and we really don’t need to drive around in the campground anyway. 🙂

I’m a little concerned about the amount of water pooling around the water connection and the electrical post at our site here — I knew there was a low spot there when we ‘moved in’ but that needs to be filled at some point.

We had a great time while we were gone.  Peg is feeling better — tonight we take off the surgical dressing — she’s been “itching” to get it off, but we didn’t want to aggravate it in the car.  It was good to be with family:  Michael and Kathryn treated us real well — we love ’em lots.  The doctors got us in and out of town with minimum delays.  And finally we had a wonderful ride home — going the opposite direction — down the Natchez Trace Parkway. What more can you ask for a short Spring RoadTrip?  We reconnected with old friends, refreshed some memories and had a good time doing it.  Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.